Campazzo shone in his last game as a Real Madrid player

Campazzo brilló en su último partido como jugador del Real Madrid

Facundo Campazzo shone in his farewell as a player of the Real Madrid, in what was Merengue’s eleventh consecutive victory in the League. The Argentine guard, who will go to the NBA with the Denver Nuggets, closed his passage through Spain with 20 points that made him the top scorer in the victory against Baxi Manresa who, although he tried in the first half, ended up falling 100-78.

In the 25 minutes he was on the court, Campazzo also captured two rebounds, distributed two assists, recovered five balls and added 28 PIR points in his goodbye to the club to which he arrived in the 2014-2015 season and from which he leaves after having conquered two Euroleague, three ACB leagues, two Copas del Rey and four Super Cups.

Although this Sunday those who became protagonists of the clash from the beginning were Walter Tavares and Sergio Llull, which monopolized the promising white boot. Eleven points from the Balearic Islands and eight from the Cape Verdean forced Pedro Martínez to stop the game after five minutes to reorganize his team when they were eleven down at the first exchange.

Tavares dominated under the hoops based on rebounds and blocks, although his rival little by little was finding solutions in attack, with Yankuba Sima as the most outstanding, which allowed him to approach the end of a first quarter of Real Madrid dominance.

In the resumption Jaycee Carrol He achieved eight points in a row, including two triples, which gave air to Pablo Laso’s men, who did not notice excessively the entry into the game of their second unit. Manresa responded as best she could, although she missed Eulis Baez and Jonathan Taboo, absent due to injury.

The round trip seemed to favor the leader of the ACB who played comfortably, although little by little his rival was getting into the game. The success of the Americans Scott Eatherton and Makai Mason allowed him to go to rest alive after a second quarter that ended with a draw at 22 points and left everything to be decided in the second half.

In the resumption, the visit took almost four minutes to score, put him on the ropes, and the situation worsened after Campazzo’s triple. Although the reaction of Pedro Martínez’s men was immediate. With a 0-11 culminated with the triples of Makai Mason and Rafa Martínez they got back into the game. What motivated Pablo Laso’s anger in the timeout that he was forced to ask to stop his opponent’s streak. Campazzo, who only added four points at halftime, took the reins of his team and scored twelve in a third act that ended the game on track for the locals.

The last quarter had little history because another better start for the Madridistas left the clash resolved before time. The advantages came to be 26 points and Campazzo said goodbye amid hugs from his teammates after contributing to the third victory of the week for a Real Madrid who will miss him.

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