Incredible self-criticism of Valentino Rossi: «I am slow»

Valentino Rossi.

Valentino rossi had a very difficult weekend so far. The Italian could not enter at any time in the top ten of the sessions of the Portuguese Grand Prix of MotoGP and openly criticized Yamaha, which failed to present a fast bike. However, many media highlighted that the poor performance of ‘Vale’ was due to a particular problem: the COVID-19.

Rossi was infected a few weeks ago and had to miss two consecutive calendar races. The Italian had confirmed that although the symptoms were not serious, the virus attacked him in a very invasive way. He had several muscle and bone pains, which left him in bed for several days, but which he was quickly able to leave behind. In his words, a few days later he was already optimal to return.

Despite talk that the virus wreaked havoc on performance, Valentino stresses that it was a rare weekend for him. “Friday was a difficult day, because we started too far. I had trouble riding the bike to the full and I didn’t feel comfortable. We tried several tune-ups, but they went wrong. Today (Saturday) we worked better and we managed to advance, especially in terms of pace, because I stress the tires less and I have better feelings ”.

Although 46 finished far from the top of the standings, he believes that in Sunday’s race things can slowly improve. “They are all very fast and we are not, but we have improved and now we have to try to solve some more problems for the race. I’m definitely coming back, but there are a lot of riders with a similar pace, so we must try to do our best and collect as many points as possible.

“I am slow”

Lastly, ‘Vale’ assured that COVID has nothing to do with poor performance. “I made a full recovery right away. After five days he was fine. Then I started training three hours a day and the performances are always the same. Perhaps more than anything else is that I go slowly, “he said with a laugh. “Physically I am fine. I have used this time to train and I feel quite fit. Unfortunately it’s not that, just that I’m going slowly, “he concluded.

Source: Yamaha Monster Energy

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