Will he be able to repeat in 2021? Lewis Hamilton worried about the future: “It’s getting harder and harder”

Lewis Hamilton

After breaking the greatest records in the history of the Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton you don’t want to stop raising your performance. The Briton is on the list of the best drivers of all time, and his seven titles endorse him. However, age is beginning to worry many competitors, as they begin to see that retirement is closer and closer and they do not want to have a decline.

In an interview with the German media ‘Auto Motor und Sport’, Lewis Hamilton issued a warning that may influence future decisions to renew contracts. In addition, he highlighted that this season he had one of the highest performances that he remembers in Formula 1. This is because he had the regularity, which he had difficulty finding in previous years.

Hamilton stressed that over the years, pilots who reach the Formula 1 they are increasingly competitive. In addition, he commented that each new digit that is added to age is an extra weight in future performance. “It’s getting harder and harder to get better, and it’s getting easier and worse if you let certain things go by,” Hamilton said.

“Every athlete reaches a point where all they can do is make slight adjustments to the small details. I don’t sit still and I know what I have to do to be mentally and physically well, “he added. In recent days the pilot of Mercedes returning to training, just one day after obtaining the World Championship.

Best performance of your life

To go closing, Hamilton hinted that he had never had a performance similar to 2020 in his years in the category. “I can’t remember all my years in Formula 1, but 2020 was when I performed at a high level on a more regular basis. On the one hand, that is natural progress, but there is no such thing as perfection. The good thing is that the stoppage due to the pandemic gave us time to think about our mistakes, “he said.

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