News in Alex Zanardi’s state of health

Alex Zanardi

Former pilot of Formula 1, Alex Zanardi He has been hospitalized since June 19. On that occasion, he suffered an accident in which he hit a vehicle hard on the head in a Handbike race, which he was contesting. The race was taking place in the Italian city of Siena. Due to the incident, he had to be operated on for a blow to the head.

By the month of August, Zanardi had seen great improvements. After being hospitalized for two months in serious condition, in Bologna, he was transferred to a less complex room. Fortunately, the picture improved by leaps and bounds and hopes were growing. Now after three months, a new news was confirmed that made everyone happy.

After several weeks without news, it was learned that Zanardi was transferred again to another medical center. This time he is in Padua, in a hospital for minor care. Although the blow to the head was very strong, the doctors understood that his general condition evolved favorably, and he was able to move on to another stage of recovery.

Hospital statement

In a statement that was published in the last hours, the medical team of the hospital where the former pilot of Williams confirmed that he was transferred to this new health center. “Alex Zanardi was transferred today to the Padua hospital: the patient has reached a physical and neurological condition of general stability that has allowed him to be transferred to another hospital with all the necessary clinical specialties and the consequent approach to the family home.”

Zanardi history in F1

Alex Zanardi raced in Formula 1 in the years 1991-1994 and 1999. He went through the teams Jordan, Lotus, Minardi and Williams. However, where it did not have great results. Then he went to IndyCar, where in 2001 he had an accident that resulted in the amputation of both legs. However, this caused Zanardi to become a Paralympic rider. In this specialty he obtained four gold medals, the last in the games of Rio 2016.

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