Tremendous! Lewis Hamilton attacked his critics again: “It’s not a car thing”

Lewis Hamilton

The last weeks of Lewis Hamilton they were surrounded by criticism. The Briton equaled the title record for Michael Schumacher, and the comparisons were swift. Several pilots and experts began to discuss who is the best pilot in the history of the Formula 1. However, many say that times cannot be compared, due to technological advances. On the other hand, others criticize that Hamilton has no rivals in the category.

Hamilton gave an interview to the medium ‘The Race’ in which he assured that it is logical that the performance of the car has an influence on the final results, although in the end all that counts is what you do with the steering wheel in hand. In addition, in another medium he indicated that achieving the seven titles of Schumacher “was a dream.”

The pilot of Mercedes He commented that the car is essential when it comes to reaching the finish line first. “Of course you have to have a good team and of course you have to have a great car. No driver has won the championship in the past without him. It all goes back to the same thing, even in karting: you have to have the right equipment. Of course, you have to have it and that is something that will always be in this sport.

On the other hand, he criticized those who doubt his skills at the controls of the car. “What you do with the car really counts, and I hope you can see that. I want more difficult conditions like these (Turkish GP): the more opportunities like this, the more I can show what I can do. They will know how difficult it is and that it is not a car thing, ”he continued.


Hamilton commented that since childhood he dreamed of breaking records and reaching the world elite. “When I was young, I didn’t understand it, I just came to the circuits and rode. The amount of work I do in the background is probably the reason for the results I am now getting. It was not unimaginable, it seemed impossible. However, he did dream it. I also dreamed of going to space, I can still go to space, “he joked to close.

Source: Formula 1

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