Very upset with UFC! Francis Ngannou exploded: “When will I fight?”

Very upset with UFC!  Francis Ngannou exploded: "When will I fight?"

Francis Ngannou is currently No. 1 in the official ranking of UFC, but he is very angry about it. Stipe Miocic It is his goal for a long time, since, according to his sayings, he did everything possible to confront him and take away the title. For several months now, the Cameroonian has not received official news about whether or not the event will take place, so it remains inactive. Not knowing when he will fight in the leading Mixed Martial Arts company again, he was annoyed.

“I am in a position that is very complicated. I’m in my prime and wasting my time without fighting, so it’s a bit frustrating. We have to get something that motivates us. We have to earn money. You have to do something to fight. Sometimes when you wake up, it is very difficult to go to the gym and train because you need that motivation. Like, ‘Okay, I’m training, but what for?’ He started explaining.

At the same time, Francis He made clear what he thinks: When will I fight? I do not know. So you have no idea of ​​anything and it is difficult to find the motivation. If things progressed, this would not be a problem. Many divisions have three or four title defenses a year. We are talking about a division in which there has been one title defense a year, so it gives a lot of tough positions for the contenders.

And then they line up and line up, but nobody really moves. I think if there were three, four title defenses a year, they would all fight for the title. You never go over the limited number of title defenses that need to be put in place, you just have to keep going. What they should do is find a way to make the heavyweight division move forward again because at the moment it is stagnant, “the Cameroonian concluded.

His previous sayings

Further, Francis Ngannou he had expressed his anger weeks ago when he said, “Two title fights in the UFC Heavyweight division in the last two years and we don’t know if there will be another one soon. The contenders have to fight for something. Apparently, Stipe will be out until March. If I have to wait until then, it will be almost another year between fights. I fought once for 20 seconds in the last 16 months.

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