Controversial! Lewis Hamilton challenges the FIA: “I’ll do it again”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton it is not without controversy. Day by day, the British is one of the pilots who criticizes politicians the most due to the violent episodes. Especially against people of color and the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. That is why, in the last hours, he again challenged the International Automobile Federation (FIA) for activism.

The first encounter between Hamilton and the FIA ​​occurred at the Portuguese Grand Prix. On that occasion, the regulatory entity convened Vitaly Petrov as sports commissioner of the race. Finally, Petrov (who had criticized Hamilton for activism), could not be part of the test. Hours before his father was murdered in a confusing episode and had to leave the circuit.

“I don’t know Petrov very well and I’m not going to comment on whether he’s good or bad, but I think it was a step in the wrong direction,” Hamilton told GQ magazine about Petrov’s election. In addition, he said that what the organization did was not a mistake. “I think the FIA ​​is an important organization and they are leaders; you expose your values ​​and what it is for which and yet you hire people who do not share those values… I don’t get it ».

Challenge to the FIA

After the Grand Prix of Tuscany, the driver of Mercedes was shown with a T-shirt calling for justice for a woman killed by racial hatred. After this, the FIA ​​began an investigation against him that generated much controversy. Despite that, the Briton assured this Wednesday that in case he had a new opportunity, he would repeat his actions.

If I think it’s important enough, I’ll do it again. During the Grand Prix of Tuscany, I couldn’t stop thinking about the case of Breonna Taylor and I had worn that shirt with me for several weekends. Every time we come to a circuit, we have the focus of attention on us and each week is an opportunity to raise awareness, “said the seven-time champion.

The Briton is a staunch activist for racial inequality. Source: Lewis Hamilton

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