Diego Armando Maradona He transcended all sports and had great footwork, but not only for soccer, but also for boxing.

Among the great passions of D10S, was boxing, to which he devoted many hours of training until the end of his life.

It was his ground wire, his disconnection, the access to stay healthy even when he had to stay away from soccer and other activities.

Maradona used boxing to calm tensions, exercise and even indulge himself, as he did before Falucho Laciar, in April 1996.

Soccer gave him everything, but boxing added a small portion of enjoyment. Today the maximum king of another discipline left, but boxing also remembers it.

He was a friend of boxers, fond of boxing. And he is even credited with having been a spy to help the also Argentine Juan Martín “Látigo” Coggi who sought to be crowned in Italy against the local Patrizio Oliva. Back then, Diego Armando Maradona played in the Napoli of the Italian league and collaborated in the preparation of Coggi, who knocked out Olive and was crowned WBA super lightweight world champion in 1987.

Diego Maradona’s foot management, but for boxing

It does not seem necessary to describe what the mythical 10 He made a ball with his legs, in itself it is necessary to highlight his combat tricks.

During his last stage in Boca Juniors, the legend of Villa Fiorito was flooded with joy again after his deep crisis in 1994, after being out of the United States World Cup for positive ephedrine doping.

So much excitement was appreciated in each of his movements, like those in which he emulated Carlos Monzon, and he annoyed colleagues in training, as he did with Carlos Capella, the late former masseur of the Xeneize club.

That walk so hers, with her size 39 sneakers and those bare hands that can only be described as maradoneanas.

Not above a ring, but he knew how to avoid the vast majority of the blows that life threw him. Today Diego He threw in the towel, at 60 years old.

Everybody says goodbye

The entire planet left its condolences for the last goodbye of the most glorious Argentine footballer of all time, even those great world champions of boxing.

His remains will be veiled at the Casa Rosada in the City of Buenos Aires, in his native country. It is still unknown how many days the massive ceremony will last, with a starting time for 10 am on November 26.