The world’s media talk about Maradona

The world's media talk about Maradona

URGENT: Diego Armando Maradona died at age 60 after suffering a decompensation at his home (Wednesday, November 25, 2020).

Major media in the US dedicate sports columns to Maradona

While the United States Soccer Federation and the Professional League (MLS) were sparing when issuing separate statements to mourn the death of Diego Armando Maradona, the major newspapers of the country dedicated their columns and comments to value the figure and legacy of the former Argentine star.

“The New York Times”, He dedicates two columns to analyze and assess the figure of Maradona in his sports and personal aspects. Under the title of “The most human of the immortals,” the New York morning newspaper highlights that the Argentine legend enlightened the sport of soccer, elevated it to an art, which could not be clouded by everything that was done to his own person. The same newspaper also dedicated another column to him in which it places him among one of the best in the world, along with the Brazilian Pele, thanks to his ability to surprise and stand out at any time. According to the New York Times, that was what made him always have fans and critics on his side, but he also notes that “his excesses and addictions obscured his legacy.”

The newspaper “Los Angeles Times” dedicates a special column to the figure of the Argentine star and in which it is highlighted that “Diego Maradona lived his way of playing, with reckless joy, the product of acting out of impulse and childishness.” Factors, which according to the Los Angeles newspaper, caused Maradona to wreak havoc on the field by making him the most dominant and cheerful player of his generation. But that way of seeing and executing football on the field he wanted to maintain and apply in his behavior as a person and that was where his serious extra-sports problems began that he had to face during his professional career and when he was already retired.

The “Washington Post” defines Maradona as a brilliant, problematic, brave, complex and spectacular athlete, who fascinated with his actions on the field. “But that he always lived at full speed, never satisfied, attracted by the bright lights of fame and the feeling that he could be above good and evil,” highlighted the newspaper of the nation’s capital.

Another of the great American newspapers, the “Boston Globe”He remembers the presence, in the city, of Maradona with the Albiceleste team during the 1994 World Cup when he played his last game with the national team. He did it against Nigeria, at the old Foxboro Stadium, and would no longer play in the World Cup when he was expelled for failing a doping test to which he was subjected at the end of the match, nor did he return with the national team.

While the specialized magazine “Sports Illustred”, after highlighting all the achievements made by Maradona as a footballer, underlines that the great “virtue” of the Argentine was to always enjoy as a child when he had the ball at his feet. “That feeling, which could have possessed more deeply than any human being living on this planet, is universal. Eternal,” concludes the specialized publication.

The Spanish press unanimous in the emotional goodbye to Maradona

The Spanish press, both sports and general, is unanimous on the covers of this Thursday, devoted almost entirely to the death of Argentine Diego Armando Maradona at age 60.

Sports newspapers’Ace’ Y ‘Brand’ They use a double cover with Maradona as the main protagonist, leaving the Champions League matches of Atlético and Real Madrid in the background.

Along with a photo of the Argentine star, ‘Marca’ publishes one of the significant phrases of the ‘Fluff‘: “If I die I want to be born again and I want to be a footballer. And I want to be Diego Armando Maradona again. I am a player who has given people joy and that is enough for me and I have plenty of it.”

“D10S is dead”, headlines ‘As’ on its cover over a photograph of the Argentine with the albiceleste shirt and the sun in the background flag.

“D10S is already in heaven”, as the newspaper headlines ‘Sport’ from Barcelona, ​​in whose team Maradona played before leaving for Italian Naples. “AD10S Maradona” also headlines’Sports world‘, the other national sports newspaper in Barcelona.

“Eternal ‘D10S”, headlines on its cover’Sports stadium‘from Seville on a photograph of the Argentine celebrating with the Sevilla shirt, in whose club Maradona arrived one season after his stay in San Paolo, while’ Diario de Sevilla ‘gives his “Farewell to the genius of the ball” with another image of intense joy after scoring a goal.

“Maradona, a football god, dies”, states on the cover ‘The country‘under a photograph of Maradona on the shoulders of a fan lifting the World Cup achieved with Argentina, and which points out that “the Argentine star had a mythological career and a life of excesses.”

‘The world’ refers to the star on its cover as “The idol that touched the sky”, En ‘ABC ‘ the cover is entirely for Maradona, with another snapshot of the same moment, lifting the Mexico 1986 world champion trophy with the Albiceleste, and ‘The reason’ title “Goodbye Diego. Maradona passed away from cardiorespiratory arrest a month after his 60th birthday. Argentina and Naples mourn their idol. The person leaves, the myth remains. “

“God does not die”, Maradona takes the headlines of Portugal

The death of Diego Armando Maradona makes the front pages of the generalist and sports newspapers of Portugal today, where the photo of the Argentine footballer lifting the World Cup monopolizes all the papthe.

The generalist newspaper “Public” highlights the photo of Maradona with the World Cup and the Argentina shirt with four columns with the legend “An imperfect god died”.

Another generalist like “Jornal de Noticias” Today also highlights on its cover a four-column photo with Maradona’s celebration after winning the World Cup in Mexico in which Jorge Valdano also appears. The daily headline “In the hand of God”.

“Record” chose a photo of Maradona on his shoulders wearing the World Cup with the headline “God does not die”.

The sports rotary “A Ball” title “The last feint” and the entire cover is a photo of the Argentine star moments before scoring the famous goal for the England team.

For its part, “O Jogo” highlights in the headline that Maradona “Leaves the field at 60” with a photo that covers the entire cover.

“God is dead”: The French press says goodbye to Maradona on the cover

The French press said goodbye this Thursday to soccer player Diego Maradona, who died on Wednesday at the age of 60, dedicating entire covers to him and with special editions in which they remember his sporting feats and his attraction to self-destruction.

The sports diary L’Équipe He carries it on its cover under the headline “God is dead” (Diego Armando Maradona 1960-2020), and praises in its pages an exceptional player, “inimitable character and self-destructive genius”. The main French sports newspaper dedicates half of its edition to remember the Argentine, whom it describes as a man who came from the streets who registered “immense” achievements but who lived “attracted by the darkness”, and also talks about his political relations with Latin American socialism, his time in Naples and his exploits in the 1986 World Cup.

“Maradona in the hands of God”, reads the cover of the generalist newspaper Le Parisien, who recovers his football adventures and a chaotic life that his fans knew how to forgive. “El Pibe de Oro was a rebel, a real one,” says the editorial.

“The ‘God’ of football is dead”, title Le Monde his website, where he states that the player’s death will rekindle the “deep antagonisms among football fans.” “The author of the ‘hand of God’, the protégé of the Neapolitan mafia, the friend of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez, the incurable cocaine addict, was not a child of the choir or a model of virtue,” writes Le Monde, who ensures that Maradona will be remembered as one of the greatest players in history.

With the young footballer on his back on the field, Liberation, known for its aesthetic covers, today write “Celeste” under the photo and remember a player “supernatural”, known in equal measure for his great passes as for his excesses.

More concise is the conservative Le Figaro, which dedicates a corner of its cover to him and reserves a page inside to talk about the “successes and excesses” of the Pibe de Oro.

The French regional press also remembers him with headlines such as “Goodbye”, in L’Indépendent, based in Perpignan, “Adiós Diego”, in the case of Telegram me, Meanwhile he Monaco Matin says goodbye like this: “A star in the sky”.

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