Shudder!  Laureano Staropoli's words to Maradona: «This is how I will remember you»

Diego Maradona He lost his life on May 25, so the crying crossed all sports and reached the UFC, with the sadness of Laureano Staropoli. Clearly this saddened Argentines around the world, especially those who represent their country in different disciplines. The spectacular martial artist left shocking words a few hours ago, making known the pain that the death of the best player of all time left him for many.

“It was a great feeling of pain, to be honest. Being an Argentine athlete, he is your idol. It is something very strong what it represents and what it transmitted to the people. Argentina has always gone through difficult times and more so at the time it was proclaimed world champion. He came from a dictatorship, we had the Falklands War (Malvinas War with England), and many other blows that affected Argentine society, “he began with his words.

On your side, Laureano He also pointed out: “All that poverty, sadness and loss, because many had lost relatives during the dictatorship and the war, brought happiness to many. It brought happiness to everyone. It didn’t matter if you were rich or poor. Everyone gathered to look at him and everyone was happy. He gave people joy, that’s why the Argentine loves him. That is why he idolizes him so much. What moves me and what identifies me with him is his spirit ».

Much pain

“That spirit of fighting until the last minute, of trying to turn the game around, of continuing to play with your legs up and your toes swollen. To tell his teammates when we played England after the war, ‘Hey, these guys killed our guys,’ and that same game he scored a goal with his hand. That is inexplicable, that is something that Argentines feel very strong inside », began« Pepi ».

Ending, Laureano Staropoli He left one last message: “He can get you excited if you are a football fan from another country and you can marvel at his game. But another thing is that belonging that you have as an Argentine that he gave us. I feel that spirit. I am the same. I go out to try to get the result until the last second. I always keep going and Maradona represents it. That warrior spirit. If I had to trade blows in the middle of a game, he would. He was not afraid of anyone.