He turned on the networks! Bea Malecki and a post that captivated her fans

He turned on the networks!  Bea Malecki and a post that captivated her fans

The renowned and famous Swedish fighter from UFC, Bea malecki, is again viral on social networks for its posts. The aforementioned constantly uses images or videos that her fans fall in love with on Instagram, so thousands and thousands of comments come to her for her figure. Born on August 23, 1991, the Swedish-Thai boxer is one of the most beautiful today in Mixed Martial Arts.

Remembering what his beginnings were in these disciplines, it is known that the first Martial Arts event of Malecki It was in Thai boxing. There, the aforementioned could stand out above the others in its category. He trained and competed in that sport between 2012 and 2017, realizing that a modality in which he managed to make his name very high. For her part, she was also able to win the WC, EC and is a two-time Swedish champion.

Understanding the above perfectly, Bea She wanted to be a more complete fighter and that is why she also trained and competed in the fight, which she shows in her contests. Among other things, she became a Scandinavian champion in nogi, a little-known modality, but very effective within the octagon of UFC. Now, it can be said that she is an expert in Mixed Martial Arts, although also on social networks.

«When I was looking at the photos of Brazil yesterday, I also found this one. I remember myself and @ cheywarprincess We were in the super nice spa every day next to our hotel. I miss those times, Miss Fightweek and the hot weather !! I LOVE exotic places. ? », was the message he posted on his post, making it clear that he had a great time at the Mixed Martial Arts event.

His last fight

On Saturday March 14, Bea malecki faced Verónica Macedo in a gigantic event of UFC. There, the Swede left the first big impression of the night, after a unanimous decision in her favor. While either of them was able to finish the show before hitting the cards, it all came a long way. The good shots and her dominance were the things that led her to add another victory in her career.

Bea Malecki.
Bea Malecki post.

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