Daniel Dubois was close to going blind due to a broken eye; at least five months away

Daniel Dubois estuvo cerca de quedar ciego por fractura en el ojo; por lo menos cinco meses fuera

Daniel Dubois came close to being blind from having continued in the fight against Joe joyce last Saturday, according to information from the English newspaper The Sun, which released the medical report after the reviews, and will be out of action for at least five months.

Finally the doctors who treated Dubois They have stated that the decision the fighter made was the smartest. Having continued fighting, according to the report of The Sun, the possibility of going blind was a latent risk.

Daniel Dubois suffered a fracture in the orbital bone of his left eye, a hemorrhage in the retina in defeat before Joe joyce and had to be sent to an emergency hospital at the end of the combat.

You may still require a new operation to insert a titanium plate to help you recover. The eye was too swollen on Monday for doctors to make a final decision on surgery.

For now, you will have to see a specialist again once the swelling has gone down for more checks, but it is a fact that it will be out of action after 5 months.

The English boxer tried by all means to continue the fight even though his eye had been mistreated since the beginning of the fight. However, when the tenth round came, Joyce He hit hard once more over the eye and DuboisFeeling the damage to his eye, he simply put one knee on the mat in surrender.

There have been many opinions about this action of Dubois where well-known boxing figures have spoken about it, for and against; from smart to cowardly have been the cues for the young British boxer.

Dillian whyte pointed to Dubois of ‘coward’ for ‘giving up’ during the fight. On the other hand, fighters like the Olympic middleweight bronze medalist Anthony Ogogo, defended the decision. Ogogo He was left blind in one eye after fighting six rounds with a fractured orbital bone in 2016.

“I would hate to see your dreams end the way mine did.”

The promoter of Dubois, Frank Warren He also referred to this: “The last punch he received found a nerve and went through it.”

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