Emotional letter from Romain Grosjean’s wife after the accident: “Thank you for your courage”

Romain Grosjean

This Monday the fans and members of the Formula 1 woke up very relieved to know that Romain grosjean is with a very good evolution of his wounds. The accident this Sunday caused slight burns to his arms and legs, which did not need more than a bandage. However, the shock that took place at the Shakir circuit is still hard to forget.

The Frenchman’s wife, Marion Jolles Grosjean, wrote a deep and heartfelt letter in which he expressed his feelings after what he experienced the weekend. This was published on social networks and was replicated by all fans and media in the category. In addition, it had millions of ‘likes’ and comments by way of support.

In the letter published on Monday, Romain Grosjean’s wife assured that she experienced dramatic moments after the accident. In addition, he deeply thanked several people, including Jules bianchi, that after his death the HALO, which was the fundamental element for Grosjean to save his life in the accident this Sunday.

Letter from Marion Grosjean

Obviously I didn’t sleep that night. And to be honest, I’m not sure what to write to him. I just know it’s okay to do it. It has always helped me. Anyway… This morning, I’m not going to lie to you, words don’t come easily. It will make you laugh, the one who knows how talkative I am. The one to whom I have always written so much, precisely, “he said.

And then I didn’t know what to post as a photo either. What image to save from yesterday? The one with the flames? His, held at a distance by his rescuers? The remains of his car? I put this a little stupidly. Because we both wear the same title t-shirt GP2. With which I still sleep sometimes. I would have preferred it to have the word “superhero” instead of “champion”, but if necessary, we will tailor it. For children, because that is how we explain the inexplicable, ”he continued.

«On Twitter, late, I mentioned the useful words, the urgent words, to protect them above all. I mentioned the “shield of love” that had protected him. Today we will have to look for other formulas, invent other sensitive phrases, express feelings. We will find them together. I thank the men in the medical car. TO Jean Todt and his impeccable humanity. To all of you, who have shown your support, your affection, your kindness that are so precious to us.

«Thanks to the family of Jules bianchi; to your father Philippe, who I keep thinking about. Jules himself. TO Kevin Magnussen by his words. To the Canal + (French television channel) teams for their delicacy. I’ll forget about some, forgive me. Thanks to our children who got him out of the fire. Thanks to his courage, his ruthlessness, his strength, his love, his physical training that probably also kept him alive. It didn’t take one miracle, it took several yesterday. I kiss you », he sentenced.

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