Heroes! Formula 1 doctors gave chilling details of Sunday’s accident

Fórmula 1

The big heroes of the weekend weren’t the winners or podium winners at the Bahrain Grand Prix of the Formula 1. The accident he suffered Romain grosjean At the Shakir circuit, he left all fans with their hearts in their mouths, as the Frenchman was not expected to make it out of such a serious incident alive.

There were two people who saved Grosjean’s life this Sunday and they have first and last names. Ian Roberts Y Alan Van der Merwe They are the members of the medical car of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and they were the first to arrive at the scene of the accident. On social media, fans widely congratulated the work done after the crash.

In an interview given to the British medium Sky Sports F1, both Roberts and Van der Merwe gave very shocking details about the situation they encountered when they arrived in Grosjean. In addition, they do not agree that they are called heroes since according to their words, the work of the track marshals was also essential when starting the rescue work.

Ian Roberts

The copilot of the medical car accurately detailed the situation experienced this Sunday. “We come to a very strange scene where you have half a car pointing in the wrong direction and just on the other side of the barrier a mass of heat. Then I could see Romain trying to get up. We needed some way to get to him, so we took the commissar with the fire extinguisher, it was enough to drive the flame away while Romain rose high enough so that I could reach him and pull him over the barrier.

In addition, he added that the Frenchman’s helmet had begun to melt. I think I told him to sit down. He was obviously very shaky, and his visor was completely opaque, and he actually melted. I managed to remove the helmet and check that everything else was fine. He had some pain in his feet and hands, so from that moment we knew that it was safe enough to move him to the car to protect him and put some gel on his burns, and then to the ambulance and the medical center. .

Alan Van der Merwe

On the other hand, the driver of the medical car assured that this accident is unprecedented in his history. “I have not seen a fire like this in my time as a medical car driver, and much of it in new and unfamiliar territory, so we can only be as prepared as our own ideas. Honestly getting there and seeing half the car and the other half nowhere and just a huge ball of flames so you have literally seconds thinking about your feet, so the preparation only takes you so far. So it all comes down to instincts and quick thinking, “he commented on Monday.

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