Terrible! The Anthony Smith Revelations That No One Knew: “Are You Healthy?”

Terrible!  The Anthony Smith Revelations That No One Knew: "Are You Healthy?"

Anthony Smith returned to victory on Saturday in the UFC Vegas 15, but in these hours he revealed information that nobody had. He himself, who won and is already looking to the future, made it clear that he did not go through good times in 2020. Clearly it has been a more than complicated year for the 32-year-old American, who, despite this, sought the way to go out and claim yourself in the leading Mixed Martial Arts company.

Knowing this, the American began by explaining: “This is how I have always done it. You see some of these people, they lose and they’re fighting and they get into a hole and they just hide and that’s not how I’ve done it. I’ve always been the type, I’ll face it head-on and if I go in there and stub my toe and screw it up, I’ll go back there as soon as I can and I will. again until I get it right. And again”.

“It’s healthy? Will it come back too soon? Are you physically where you need to be? It’s nice to go out and do a performance that answers all those questions, not just for me, but for the people who support me as well. That is more important than the doubters or the haters. I really don’t care too much about those people. It really is about the people who have always stayed with me. I know these people had the same questions, “said the” Lion.

What i didn’t expect

On the other hand, Anthony revealed unexpected data: «It has been very difficult. I don’t want to pretend that my struggles are worse than the rest of the world because the rest of the world is also fighting, but personally it has been very difficult. It’s like one fight after another. It started with the Alexander Gustafsson thing. I had an amazing performance that I was really proud of and I broke my hand really bad and ended up having a second surgery and they used my leg to help fix my hand.

“The pandemic hits and then things in the house and then the fight becomes terrible. Then I rush back to try to get the boat right and obviously that didn’t go the way I wanted. My family had COVID, three weeks ago I was out of the gym for a week and a half because my family had COVID. It felt good to take that jumpsuit off my back. I know a lot of people had a lot of questions about where he was, so instead of talking about it all the time, “he concluded. Anthony Smith, thanking those who supported him.

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