“Thank you for the invitation to this beautiful tribute” Dalma Maradona’s message

"Thank you for the invitation to this beautiful tribute" Dalma Maradona's message

The confrontation between Boca and Newell’s caused La Bombonera to become one of the main epicenters of the tributes to Diego Maradona. And the emotion deepened with the presence of Dalma, one of the daughters of the former captain of the National Team, in the box that historically belonged to Ten. The official transmission showed her in the epilogue of the minute of silence: she was seen with a green mask, red eyes, leaning against the window of the box and resting her head and hair on one of her arms.

During several periods of the game, the actress was very moved by the recurring gestures of tribute to her father. And at the end of the match, when the entire squad stood in front of her and applauded, it was the last great event that brought another cataract of tears from Dalma, who put her hands to her chest and yelled “thank you” several times.

That is why he did not miss his posting on Instagram this Monday: “Thank you for the invitation to that beautiful tribute that you made to my father!”, starts the message message that Dalma Maradona shared in his account. Diego’s daughter highlighted the constant displays of affection she received last Sunday, during her visit to La Bombonera.

“Thank you from the president of Boca and his board of directors, to all the people who did the logistics, those who crossed me and showed me affection, those who put the flags, THE PLAYERS FROM BOCA❤️, those from Newell’s Old Boys and especially Cristian Riquelme! ”Continued Dalma, who took his place in Diego’s box and from there saw all the tributes to the Argentine star, who died last Wednesday at the age of 60.

“I didn’t know if I was going to be able to bear being there without him,” she continued. “But I didn’t want to leave the box empty either! I did the best I could and although this sadness does not go away with anything, I thank you for remembering it with such affection and genuine love! Thank you on behalf of all your children, your brothers Lalo, Hugo, Mary, Lili and their grandchildren, ”concluded Diego Maradona’s eldest daughter.

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