The National Basketball League would resume next Friday

La Liga Nacional de Básquet se reanudaría el próximo viernes

The Basketball Club Association (AdC) proposed this Tuesday to resume the National League (LNB) from next Friday, December 4 and finish the initial phase on the 25 of the same month, after the suspension due to coronavirus cases in almost all the intervening delegations.

“Today the possibility will be presented of continuing to work on the venue scheme and that La Liga will resume on Friday, December 4. And, if all goes well, let it end on the 25th and the matches of the first phase are completed, both in the Northern and Southern Conference “, he pointed Sergio Guerrero, in charge of the Competition department of the AdC, in the online station UcU radio. “That will be the last date for everyone. 10 games will be played per day and there will be a total of 38 and with promotions and relegation according to what was approved in the assembly “, Guerrero detailed.

“On Friday the 4th the ninth date of what they had been playing would be played, South with South and North with North, each one completes the lap with their rivals by conference. On Saturday they rest and on Sunday 6 the sequence of 2 consecutive crossed matches starts. 8 and 9 rest, and thus the same sequence of play that was being done but playing 10 games instead of 5 between the two fields (Ferro and Obras) “he explained.

Meanwhile, for the encounters that were considered lost to Argentino de Junín and Gimnasia de Comodoro Rivadavia against Platense Y Ferro, respectively, “He changed his mind after the club meeting.”

For the second phase, to begin in January, venues will be sought to rotate until April, and then the first four of the Final Phase go to the quarterfinals and from 5 to 12 they face each other for a place in that instance. In principle, the final will be the best of seven, as always, and the previous keys to the best of five games.

“Tests and controls will be carried out, but the responsibility is individual of each one with the doctor that each team must have. It will continue to play without an audience. We are not allowed to travel on tour, as before. If this changes at some point in the future, so be it. Today we are only allowed to meet in one place, with a certain number of games, and nothing else “Guerrero concluded.

In that context, Peñarol de Mar del Plata and Regatas Corrientes are not in a position to start the competition from the 4th, due to several cases of coronavirus in their schools. In addition, according to the specialized website Básquet Plus, there are 74 basketball players who suffered the infection, with Basket Bay (10 cases) as the most affected, followed by Gymnastics, Argentinian, Peñarol Y Regattas (9), and Platense (8) and Mouth (7). For the moment, only Basket Works, Ferro and Hispanic they did not suffer infections. The coach of Atenas de Córdoba, Osvaldo Arduh, passed away on November 3, in the previous to the start of the tournament, due to coronavirus.

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