Viral! 240-kilo Russian youtuber faced a 64-year-old MMA fighter and what happened is all the rage

Viral!  240-kilo Russian youtuber faced a 64-year-old MMA fighter and what happened is all the rage

Darina madzyuk Y Grigory Chistyakov are a trend in networks, after a crossing of MMA that goes around the world in these hours. Clearly this will be one of the most unusual and bizarre confrontations in history, reaching hundreds of thousands of views in a few hours. It should be noted that everything happened in an octagon of Russia, a country that has already had things like this.

She is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter, which adds a great experience in her career. On the other hand, it is known that he is a renowned Russian youtuber, who with his 240 kilos captures everyone’s attention on virtual platforms. Clearly her physical condition was what stood out the most in this contest, weighing 177 kilos more than the 28-year-old.

As expected, the fight ended by knockout, she being the one who left with her hand up and a big smile on her face. Without even hesitating, this fight was not official, which could not have been by any rule that says so. Although it lasted no more than 90 seconds, it is one of the most viewed videos of the year and everything has a reason. Darina She showed great technique and was precise with the blows, in order to be the winner.

An event that is all the rage

At times, some believed that she would be “crushed” by Chistyakov, considering that with his weight it would be almost impossible to shake him off. If that had been his strategy from the beginning, the situation would probably have been different. Anyway, the one who always stepped forward and attacked was Madzyuk, the one who went home with a big and viral technical knockout in his favor.

“I lay on my back, but she did not fall, and then I did not know what to do,” explained the Russian after the contest, who currently has more than 120 thousand followers on YouTube. “I am starting to train and I will try to lead a healthier lifestyle,” he also added to his words. On the other hand, Darina madzyuk, stressed that she is the Russian Champion in Mix Fight 2020, making things even clearer.

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