Exciting letter from Romain Grosjean: “I will enjoy every second”

Romain Grosjean

Romain grosjean wants to close the episode lived this weekend. After saving his life as a miracle, the Frenchman is already heading home to enjoy his ‘new life’ with his family. However, the images seen on the Shakir circuit still make all fans of the race creep. Formula 1.

This Wednesday, Grosjean was discharged and has already left the hospital. Minutes later, the pilot of Haas shared a video of the accident on his official Instagram account. Along with this video, he published a harsh and moving letter of thanks to those who were involved in the accident that almost cost him his life, but fortunately did not happen to adults.

Grosjean’s letter

On his Instagram account, the Haas pilot shared the most chilling video of the accident. «This video is incredible. Look at the professionalism of the firefighter, trying to keep the fire away from me in the car. Look at the action of Ian Roberts and your participation. I told him he was a hero, he went to the fire all he could to save me, “began his writing.

Finally, this is also the moment when I realized that I was going to live. Extracting my body from the chassis. Yes, I did get burned and it was painful, but that doesn’t compare to the relief I felt as soon as I was able to get up. I felt Ian’s hands pulling me over the barrier and knew I was safe. I remember every second and life will never be the same again, but I am sure it is for the best, “he added.

Finally, the Frenchman commented that from now on he will have another way of facing life, since this episode was a before and after in his career. “I met death and that is the worst feeling I have ever had. But I am alive and I will enjoy every second of life and every little victory in a much better way from now on. Thank you. Romain ”, he sentenced.

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