Zidane has support, but there are nuances that determine his future at Real Madrid

Zidane has support, but there are nuances that determine his future at Real Madrid

MADRID – The Real Madrid board and the dressing room continue to trust Zinedine Zidane but different sources acknowledge to ESPN that there are certain “nuances” that could condition the future of the French coach for a week in which the white team will play three games decisive against Sevilla, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Atlético de Madrid.

The 2-0 defeat against Shakhtar Donetsk in the group stage of the Champions League has once again called into question the future of the French coach but different voices assure ESPN that in the club “there is no debate about the coach” .

However, the same sources admit that there is some dissatisfaction with his little commitment to young people and his management of footballers such as Martin Ødegaard and, above all, Vinicius.

Madrid have high hopes for the young Brazilian winger, but it seems that Zidane does not fully trust him as he has been a substitute in the last four games against Shakhtar, Alavés, Inter Milan and Villarreal.

The same sources insist that they are not considering doing without a coach who “has given everything” to the white club and who only four months ago won the La Liga title. However, no one dares to say if Zidane will have the strength to continue if a disaster occurs against Sevilla and the team is eliminated from the Champions League next week.

“No, I am not considering resigning. I am strong and we want to move this forward, “said French in this regard after the defeat against Shakhtar.

However, Madrid could almost say goodbye to their chances of winning La Liga and the Champions League in the same week as they are 7 points behind the local championship lead and need to beat Mönchengladbach to stay alive in Europe.

Similarly, a change of coach would not be advisable from the economic side at a time when Madrid is juggling to cushion the lack of income due to the coronavirus.

In fact, on Wednesday afternoon, the Board of Directors will meet to approve the budget for the year, which will be one of the tightest of the decade.

Another important part of the equation is the wardrobe. Close sources tell ESPN the support for their coach is still “similar” to that of other times and, unlike the board, they understand Zidane’s reluctance to bet on some of the young values ​​who are still in the “formation process.”

In that sense, the same voices insist to ESPN that the team’s main problem is the lack of a goal that has already dragged on since last season.

It is difficult for the team to see the goal and, despite the fact that there are games in which Madrid have thrashed, the error lies in the lack of a figure like the one they had with Cristiano Ronaldo to advance the team in the games.

The dressing room already asked for a reinforcement last summer, but the club decided not to sign anyone for the first time since 1980.

Both from the club and from the coaching staff itself, the lack of regularity of the team is attributed to the little rest that the players are having in a very atypical season and to bad luck with the injuries of key men such as Sergio Ramos, Casemiro, Karim Benzema and , especially, Eden Hazard.

In addition, they remember that there are footballers who could hardly rest in the summer and that the absence of a preseason is affecting them.

In one way or another, it must be remembered that before the El Clásico on October 24, a situation similar to this new crisis was experienced.

Madrid visited the Camp Nou with many doubts regarding the figure of Zidane. ESPN reported at the time that there was no debate about Zidane’s future either and the team resolved the crisis with a resounding 1-3 victory over their great rival.

Now, it remains to be seen the reaction of the team in the next games and, especially, in the match against Borussia Mönchengladbach. In relation to that match, everyone agrees: Madrid depends on itself and “you have to win.”

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