Hard injury! the rider Marc Márquez was operated on and will have a long inactivity

Hard injury!  the rider Marc Márquez was operated on and will have a long inactivity

Marc Márquez, Spanish pilot six times world champion of MotoGP, on Thursday underwent a new operation in his right arm due to the injury that prevented him from taking part in the world past. The intervention in the right humerus took approximately 11 hours and recovery is estimated up to six months. Márquez is in recovery with anesthesia at the Ruber International Clinic in Madrid, according to the agency AFP

The humerus of the Spanish pilot had not finished healing with the shock wave treatment that had been carried out and the diagnosis, pseudoarthrosis, has forced him to undergo surgery for the third time. “Marc Márquez has undergone surgery again due to the stagnation in the consolidation of his fracture that has not improved with a specific shock wave treatment,” his Repsol Honda team reported in a statement.

The team specified that the 27-year-old Catalan rider suffers from a “pseudoarthrosis of the right humerus” caused by his fall in the first race of the season, at the Jerez circuit (southern Spain) and for which he has already undergone surgery in three occasions. Despite the fact that approximately six months of recovery await him, there are still no details about his possible return to the slopes.

According to the statement, the doctors placed “a new plate with an iliac crest graft, associated with a cortico-periosteal free flap” in what was an extensive and complex operation. The intervention was commanded by the doctor Samuel Antuña. Although the text does not say what Márquez’s inactivity time will be, according to the newspaper Marca, the Catalan rider will not be able to return to competition until next May.

«If the nerve was affected, I couldn’t even move my hand. And still, the humerus fracture is delicate. It can protect the bone a lot, but it is not welded. A plate in a femur fracture is more stable than that of the humerus. Or the clavicle injury, which, being complicated, is less because the force exerted on it on a motorcycle is not as high as that of the arm, ”said Santiago Arauz, head of the clinic’s unit.

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