Lifting of sanction on Matera, Petti and Socino: the UAR statement

After the UAR sanction Pablo Matera, Guido Petti and Santiago Socino Due to the messages that went viral from their Twitter accounts between 2011 and 2012, the lifting of this measure was finally confirmed.

Although the disciplinary process will continue, it was also decided to return the captaincy to the third line of Los Pumas emerged in Alumni. Here the full statement:

As is publicly known, the Argentine Rugby Union intervened urgently and in full competition to take measures related to the publication on the networks of different expressions of the players Pablo Nicolás Matera, Guido Petti Pagadizabal and Santiago Gabriel Socino.

In accordance with World Rugby procedures, which provides for urgent treatment in the event of eventual circumstances during a tournament, the Disciplinary Commission of the Argentine Rugby Union summoned the players Pablo Nicolás Matera, Guido Petti Pagadizabal and Santiago Gabriel Socino to declare this Wednesday , as requested by the Executive Committee.

The speed of this intervention, the repudiation of these manifestations expressed eight or more years ago, as well as the preventive measure ordered by the Executive Committee of the UAR, seek to make a thorough analysis of the facts for a better and fairer resolution. The UAR strictly repudiated this type of manifestation and at the same time understands that the defamatory accusations that have been made as a result of this damage all of Argentine rugby without exception and do not represent what our sport is.

During the statement, the three players expressed their deep regret, reiterated the apology, ratified that it is not what they think and that it was a reckless act typical of immaturity. However, they are fully responsible and responsible, for which they made themselves available to the Commission so that the circumstances can be investigated and seek to amend the damage caused.

At the time of preliminary issuance, the Disciplinary Committee has considered and valued the attitude of the three players during this process, and understands that they have not repeated similar actions during these more than eight years, and that they have shown during this time to be people with firm and upright values, worthy of being part of our team.

The disciplinary process continues and the Commission will reach a final resolution in the next few days in accordance with the time of the procedure, in this first instance it considers that the maintenance of preventive measures is unnecessary, for which it resolves to lift the suspension of the three players and restore the captaincy of Pablo Matera.

The Argentine Rugby Union and the squad have different roles and responsibilities but the same objective: to make rugby continue to grow as a sport. The path of deep reflection on certain practices associated with our sport, which began at the beginning of the year with the Rugby 2030 program, we have no doubt that it will take time. And it requires, both on the part of the leadership and the establishment, to give strong signals at the right moment.