Made in Mexico

Made in Mexico

“The greatest rival of a Mexican is another Mexican.” It is a phrase that several footballers have made famous, perhaps it is time to think that they are right

The mexican sport Through time it has had its ups and downs in terms of results. Bad administrative management, lack of financial support, corruption, injustices, indiscipline, doping, and endless scandals have stained the sport in Mexico.

Faced with such a scenario, criticizing, judging, pointing out, demeriting, not recognizing and discrediting, are often the bad habits that prevent us from growing as a sports power.

There is a gulf between pointing and being, as he says Hugo Sanchez, “Crabs”. As well as supporting or being a cheerleader.

Last weekend Abraham Ancer reminded us of the days when Lorena Ochoa called the attention of Mexican fans to Golf, who were pending a possible title. Glorious days that do so much good for this country.

Driven by the title of Carlos Ortiz In Houston, Abraham went out to the Augusta field to put up the name of Mexico. Unfortunately on Sunday he did not have the best of his days and after three rounds of a very high level, pressure and nerves betrayed the twenty-second best golfer on the planet.

Some dared to say that Abraham It was the typical “already merit.” But what really won Ancer was to relocate the Golf on the radar of locals and strangers who got excited just to know that a Mexican is close to being crowned.

The same day, Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez he got a podium that means a lot to him and his team. Second place in the Turkish Grand Prix came at the moment when the continuity of Mexican in Formula 1 it is by others, uncertain. Something that some point as his retirement from the highest category “because it is not so good.”

Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez has confirmed his next fight after a year of not going into the ring due to differences with Golden Boy Promotions, and be released from a contract that guaranteed the economic life of their great-great-grandchildren. But for many, his rival will be “another sack of dads.”

The The Mexican Futbol selection closed a year of solid results with Gerardo martino up front, but many say they have been against “pure bad teams and in games of little importance.”

“The greatest rival of a Mexican is another Mexican.” It is a phrase that several footballers have made famous after playing outside the Aztec territory. And perhaps it is time to think that they are right.

If everyone, athletes, media, fans and managers, put more emphasis on pointing out the good than arguing with the bad, perhaps the sports environment in Mexico it would be different to think that the results would be better.

Sometimes I think that if Cristiano were Mexican, we would always attack him as arrogant, Messi with a cold chest, Nadal as “easy-injured”, Federer we would withdraw every fifteen days, we would not travel Brady as a cheater, Hamilton as boring , to Dustin Johnson for having little charisma.

It is not about being a cheerleader or being a “pimp”, it is about valuing what is done by Mexican athletes. And to speak more about the good, than the bad.

We value more, much more, Made in Mexico!

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