Bob Arum will define legal strategy in Fury vs. Wilder litigation until Joshua vs. Pulev’s result

Bob Arum definirá estrategia legal en litigio de Fury contra Wilder hasta saber resultado de Joshua contra Pulev

Bob arum explained that he is waiting for what happens in the fight between Anthony Joshua Y Kubrat Pulev of December 12, before defining the legal strategy in the litigation he faces by Deontay Wilder and his team to force a third fight with Tyson fury.

“Everything is on hold, and we’ll see what happens to Pulev (in the fight with Joshua) », He explained Bob arum to Betway Insider. “Yes Pulev beat Anthony Joshua, so Anthony don’t fight with Tyson fury, why Joshua has a rematch clause (with Pulev). If that situation occurs, Fury I’d be looking for opponents, and I think the best available opponent would be Wilder«.

Legal disputes will continue, but seeking to resolve the situation as soon as possible. Last month the legal team of Deontay Wilder began the dispute resolution process that exists in the previously signed contract.

Bob arum understand the decision of Fury wanting to continue his career without a third duel against Wilder. And even the promoter is not sure if Fury will ignore the serious accusations he made Wilder. The American accused Fury of cheating on the gloves and putting a weight inside them to seriously injure him.

“It depends on Fury decide, “said Arum. «Wilder has said some strange and Trumpian things that don’t make sense: it sounded like Donald trump. Fury he was offended and rightly so. Yes Joshua not available, Fury will have to decide whether to ignore those comments and accept a fight with Wilder. That depends on Tyson fury«.

If an agreement cannot be reached between both parties, there will be a binding arbitration by a mediator who will make the final decision on this case to resolve the case as soon as possible.

Bob Arum Explains Wilder vs. Fury Litigation

The promoter explained what the litigation he faces from the team of Deontay Wilder to force the third fight against Tyson fury.

“One thing is to file a claim and a second thing is to be successful,” he argues. Arum. “I believe that Wilder You no longer have rights for a third fight and therefore your claim will be denied. But I can’t help but think otherwise and lead him to litigation.

“The contract says that the rights of Wilder sold out at the end of October and I really think the contract clearly shows that Wilder he has no right to claim a third fight. Wilder he underwent surgery, but that was fixed in the contract, a 90-day delay from the date of the proposed rematch in July, and that’s over. “

“But I think we will have a resolution on December 12. Yes Joshua gets lost and then is not available, I’ll talk to Tyson on if he wants to fight with Wilder for the third time ».

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