Chilling! Romain Grosjean recounted his accident in Bahrain: “I think I’m going to die.”

Romain Grosjean

Romain grosjean recounted his accident at the Grand Prix of Bahrain from Formula 1 and had chilling words about what he experienced. Each of the phrases he released in the last hours, give magnitude of the enormous work of the pilot to be able to get out of a situation that will mark the rest of his life. The pilot of Haas He commented that he thought of the worst when he saw the fire next to him.

The French pilot commented that there are things about the accident that he does not remember. In addition to repeating that he remembered the moment in which Niki Lauda he crashed at the Nürburgring. On the other hand, he spoke of how I await death and the sensations that were mobilized in his body after seeing that the fire caused by the impact was slowly approaching his position.

“When the car stopped, I opened my eyes and unbuckled my seat belt immediately. What I did not remember the following days was what I did with the steering wheel because I do not remember removing the steering wheel and turning it off, ”began his story Grosjean. However, the team has already told him that he could not turn it off and that he was left in his car.

My first thought was, I’m going to wait. I’m face down against the wall, so I’m going to wait for someone to come and help me, ”added Grosjean. However, the fire in the car had already started. The fire lasted a total of 28 seconds, but for Grosjean it was 1 minute and a half, in his words. “I don’t have time to wait here,” he said when he saw the fire.

“I’m going to die”

Finally, Grosjean commented that he experienced one of the worst sensations of his life after seeing that he could lose his life in Bahrain. «The least pleasant moment in which my body began to relax. I’m at peace with myself and I think I’m going to die. I asked myself the question: is my shoe going to burn, or my foot or my hand? Is it going to be painful? Where is he going to start? He wondered.

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