Five All-Star Boxers Who Truncated Their Careers In Car Accidents

Cinco boxeadores estelares que truncaron sus carreras en accidentes automovilísticos

Boxing is not free from tragedies and there are several great boxers’ careers that have been cut short by car accidents that in some cases have even cost them their lives.

On October 10, 2019, Errol spence He was in a car accident while driving his Ferrari 488 at full speed in the early hours of the morning in Dallas, Texas, after leaving a party. The car hit the center median and rolled over. Spence He was thrown out of the car, but miraculously saved his life, without a single fracture in his body, although he had lacerations on his face and lost several teeth.

This Saturday, Spence will have his first fight since the accident when he faces Danny Garcia, and the maximum unknown is whether the world welterweight champion will be the same as before the accident.

He is not the first of the boxers to put his career at risk for car accidents. Others have even lost their lives.

Here we list some cases of boxers who were stellar at the time, but suffered car accidents that cut their careers short. We do not include the cases of legends such as Carlos Monzón, Jack Johnson or Pernell whitaker, who lost their lives in road accidents as they were retired from boxing.

1. Salvador Sánchez

Hands down, the biggest loss among boxers who have claimed car accidents. He is one of the greatest Mexican boxers of all time. He was a featherweight world champion, and had already beaten the Coloradito Lopez, to Wilfredo Gomez already Azumah nelson. At the time of his death, Salvador Sanchez He already had four victories over fighters who would end up entering the Hall of Fame.

Sanchez He died in the early morning of August 12, 1982. As he was driving down the highway, a truck rammed the back of his white Porsche and sent him straight into a Dina Torton truck. savior he lost his life instantly. Sanchez He had just left a meeting in the city of Querétaro with a group of followers and had taken the highway to return to San José de Iturbide where he had set up his training camp. At the time of his death, Salvador Sanchez I was 23 years old.

2. Paul Williams

He was at the time one of the most dangerous boxers in the world in his category. He was crowned WBO Welterweight Champion by defeating Antonio Margarito; then WBO super welterweight champion beating Verno Phillips. Then before Wonder Martinez he lost the opportunity to be crowned in middleweight by the WBC, despite the fact that he had already defeated Martinez by majority decision. Also, in his career he defeated Erislandy Lara, to Kermit Cintron, to Winky wright.

By May 2012, Paul williams had already reached an agreement to be the next rival of Saúl «Canelo» Álvarez on September 15 of that year. Alvarez would headline his first Pay Per Event.

The tragedy for Paul williams He arrived on May 27, 2012. He was traveling on his motorcycle to look for the suit he would wear to his brother’s wedding and the unexpected happened. When trying to avoid an oncoming car, Williams he lost control of his motorcycle, and was thrown several meters. An accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. At the time of the accident, Williams he was 30 years old.

3. Víctor Galíndez

Galindez he was crowned WBA light heavyweight world champion in 1974, and that day he became the first Argentine to be crowned in his own country. He made 10 successful belt defenses, lost the title, and got it back.

The Argentine made his last fight on June 14, 1980, falling by unanimous decision against Jesse burnett, and losing his second fight in a row. In his heart, retirement was close, but he hadn’t made it official.

Galindez decided to dedicate himself fully to motorsport, his other passion, and his dream was to be professional, so he accepted an invitation from Antonio Lizeviche to enter that world as a co-pilot. Their car’s gearbox broke and they couldn’t continue; walked to the pits and sadly the Falcon from Marcial Feijoó entered a top and rammed Galindez Y Lizeviche who died at the time. The Argentine died on October 25, 1980 at the age of 32 in Veinticinco de Mayo, Argentina. Only four months had passed since their last fight.

4. Diego ‘Chico’ Corrales

Diego “Chico” Corrales, world champion in two divisions (lightweight and super featherweight) and remembered for his great fights full of action and drama. Especially, the one who held in 2005 before the Mexican Jose Luis Castillo that it was a real war. He was one of the elite boxers and figures of world boxing in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Corrales passed away in Las Vegas on May 8, 2007, at age 29, and just one month after his last fight against Joshua Clottey. He was driving his motorcycle at high speed when he collided with the back of a vehicle about 10 miles west of the main Las Vegas promenade and his body was thrown several meters, losing his life on impact.

5. Gilberto Roman

Weighted as one of the best Mexican boy pesos in history, Gilberto Roman He was a boxer who always displayed his technical skills in the ring. He made life in the super flyweight division where he was world champion twice. In his first championship, after being crowned for the first time in Japan, he made six successful defenses, until losing the title with the Argentine Falucho Laciar. He was crowned again and made five more defenses before losing it again. Of his 16 world title fights, 14 were outside of Mexico, in countries like Japan, South Korea, Thailand, France or Argentina.

His last fight was on June 9, 1990 in Seoul, South Korea, losing to Sung Kil Moon trying to regain the super flyweight world title. Death came 18 days later, on June 27, 1990. It was in an accident on the Mexico-Acapulco highway, while Roman was as a co-pilot in a Thunderbird car that was hit by a truck, near Chilpancingo, Mexico. All five people in the car lost their lives. He was 29 years old.

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