Does it accelerate? Damon Jackson and his illusion at UFC Vegas 16: “I wasn’t ready before, now I am”

Does it accelerate?  Damon Jackson and his illusion at UFC Vegas 16: "I wasn't ready before, now I am"

This Saturday, in the UFC Vegas 16, Damon Jackson faces will be seen against Illia Topuria, being one of the best matches of the night. The Hispanic-Georgian arrives with an undefeated 9-0, but that does not intimidate him at all and he will precisely seek to liquidate one of the best prospects in recent times. In this way, the American prepared himself in the best way to ward off ghosts, as he explained in his interview.

Taking into account the above, Jackson He started by saying, “That was the only goal I had for MMA was to be in the UFC. Whenever he got there, he just wasn’t ready to be there. It was nice to get a second chance there, but going back there was amazing. So many things happened and so many things had to be perfect for this to happen. I never understood why it had to be so difficult to go back, but he made me respect him. It was hard going through it.

“I was happy to accept any fight I might have when they called. I had all my amateur fights, my first four professional fights and then finally I got hit in the face. That was the first time I was hit in the face, plus I did a bit of training before that. The gym I was in before was 100 percent a jiu-jitsu gym, so the guys I sparred with didn’t want to get hit, ”he also noted.

Trust to win

For his part, the Oklahoma-born stressed: “I didn’t want to be beaten, so we didn’t fight. We just fight a lot. Whenever I came to the UFC, I had only been training with my coach for about six months and had four fights. I came to the UFC when I was 18 months into training. It was so fast. He was definitely not ready. It was really difficult to go back. He was winning all the fights and he finished with almost all the men.

“But every time they didn’t give me a chance to get back in, it was stressful. He was doing all the things to get back in, but it just wasn’t happening. I never intended to leave originally. He just wasn’t ready to be there yet. It’s good to be back here and know that I can be with anyone, “he concluded. Damon Jackson, hoping to get a win this Saturday.

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