New generation! Ignacio Bahamondes, the Chilean jewel of a family full of martial artists

New generation!  Ignacio Bahamondes, the Chilean jewel of a family full of martial artists

There is no doubt that the Dana White’s Contender Series left a new figure in UFC, being Ignacio Bahamondes attractiveness. The Chilean Mixed Martial Arts fighter gave away one of the best knockouts of the decade, but he has more than just talent: his family. The South American begins to grow because of his gifts, those that his ancestors have inherited. His father was an expert in the field, so it is understood the great potential he has.

All his talent did not come out of nowhere, but has an explanation. Thus, Ignacio He stated: “I want to write my name in the MMA history book with gold printing, but that name will be Bahamondes and that is the legacy that my family will leave behind. It’s not something that started with me, it’s something that started with my dad, my grandfather and great-grandfather. It is something that comes from generations. Each generation will be better. My little brother will be next and he will be better than me and my predecessors.

This is how it will be. Maybe my children or my brother’s children will continue it. I think the legacy of Bahamondes He will not die and will be one of the greatest in MMA. To be honest, I don’t remember my beginnings since I was basically born into the sport. My dad was a black belt kempo karate and owns his own academy. Since I can remember, maybe at three years old, I remember running around the gym, playing on the tatami, hitting the bags, kicking and punching all day, “he added to his outstanding words.

A young man who will be a figure

For his part, the Chilean also acknowledged: «So the truth is that I have been training since I was born. We have always had something in us that we love to compete with. When we see that things get easy, we go to the next challenge. At that time, when I was doing karate, kickboxing was making its way to Chile and that was where the best competition was at that time. So when I was 10, I started kickboxing. “

“My dad was a kickboxing champion in South America, and over time, when I was 14 years old, MMA began to reach Chile and history repeated itself. We started doing MMA. I fell in love with MMA, it is the most complete sport and I think it is the most competitive. All my aunts and uncles, there were like 40 people in my house there in Chile at 2 am watching my fight. So when I called him, I couldn’t hear him, I just heard a lot of screaming, “he concluded. Ignacio, the present of the family Bahamondes.

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