La transformación física de los dos Tyson: Tyson Fury compara su impresionante bajón de peso con el de Mike Tyson

Tyson fury showed through his official account in Twitter the physical transformation he underwent and compared it to that of Mike Tyson.

The WBC heavyweight champion posted a photo of how he was doing Mike tyson a few months ago before starting its preparation, and Tyson fury He also posted a photo of how he was doing a few months ago. And he looked impressively overweight.

“Inspiration from Friday of the 2 Tyson. Mike tyson: hard work pays off, ”he tweeted Tyson fury.

Between the two fighters they have been able to drop an incredible 306 pounds (139 kilograms), after being out of action for long periods of time.

Fury He was able to recover from depression and addiction problems and has become an inspiring, motivating public figure and is an active advocate for mental health and helping people with such problems.

He was out of the ring for 2 years to return in style in a match that ended in a draw against Deontay Wilder, at that time, the most dangerous and feared heavyweight of the moment.

Then the revenge between the two would come and ‘The King of the Gypsies‘he was simply superior and was able to send to the canvas several times Wilder, until finally knocking him out in seven episodes.

Fury was awarded the heavyweight championship of World Boxing Council, as well as belt The Ring.

Mike Tyson returned after more than 10 years of inactivity

Mike tyson For his part, at 54 years of age, he had not fought since 2005 when he suffered a spectacular defeat against Kevin McBride and decided to return to active boxing.

He returned on November 28 in an exhibition fight of 8 rounds and 2 minutes each, against another legend of boxing, Roy jones jr, and for that duel he lowered a total of 20 pounds.

Tyson He showed great physical shape and although his best years in boxing were behind him, for his current age, he showed a lot of quality, speed and endurance. ‘Iron mike‘he declared after the fight that he wants to continue doing exhibition duels.