The URT closed the season with the delivery of distinctions

The URT closed the season with the delivery of distinctions

The Tucumán Rugby Union The curtain fell on the 2020 season with the traditional award ceremony. Eugenio RubinoA benchmark of our sport, he was one of the most prominent figures of the evening upon receiving the CAP, the highest distinction awarded by the Union.

“Even with all the negative edges that this year had, we were able to give ourselves the pleasure of meeting again little by little with so many good-hearted people who have our sport,” said Marcelo Corbalán Costilla, president of the Tucumán Rugby Union, about the act that took place on the premises of the Swimming and Gymnastics club.

The first to receive their honors were those who completed 50 years of uninterrupted career in rugby. Ramón Vidal, Osvaldo Álvarez, Hugo Marcantonio, Roberto Abraham, Pablo Cuello, José Vallejo, Armando Martin, Carlos Fraile, Marcelo Vidal and Pedro Nofal were there. Everyone from the Cardinals club.

Raúl Argüello (Corsairs), César Rodríguez Prado and Jorge Rocchia Ferro (Lawn Tennis), Jorge Gaspar Chavanne (Jockey Club), Adalberto Páez Márquez, Pablo Acuña, Nicolás Avellaneda and Horacio Poviña (Tucumán Rugby) also received their recognition for their trajectory.

Those distinguished by University were Jorge Cosentino, Carlos Vidal, Horacio Rodríguez, Juan Antonio Pintado, Daniel Hourcade, Ricardo Heredia and Marcelo Fajre. While Rodolfo Oscar García and Carlos Daniel Agüero, who emerged from Swimming and Gymnastics, also received those present for the five decades at the service of rugby.

Before the CAP, it was the turn of Manuel Raimundo Cardozo, a journalist with an extensive career at the provincial and national level, who received a special mention for his great contribution to the dissemination of rugby. After receiving the mention, “Sugus”, who was also a player and coach, synthesized his passion for the sport: “Rugby has given me everything. I am eternally grateful. I am very excited”.

Finally, it was the moment of the highest distinction, which was left in the hands of Eugenio Rubino, a reference in our sport with a career that includes steps as a player, coach, referee and leader, a role that he still fulfills today in the club of his loves, Swimming. and Gymnastics.

“I am very excited about the distinction. The moment they told me, I realized how big this is. I’m really very flattered, I feel like it’s a lot, but I think I deserve it. Rugby is my way of life. It’s everything, it’s my passion, the club, the Union. I have always been a rugby man. I have been in all estates ”.

After the emotional event, Marcelo Corbalán Costilla left a message for the guests: “All these people, who today received an award, contributed at some point in their life that is very valuable and that is the support of what we say it is rugby volunteering, which is the great value of our beloved sport.

Source: URT

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