“Those who know boxing have me as the best Libra for Libra,” says Canelo

Los que conocen de boxeo me tienen como el mejor Libra por Libra, asegura el Canelo

In an interview with ESPN Knockout, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and Eddy Reynoso They were talking about the pound-for-pound ranking, the present and future of the boxer and the way to work now that he is a free agent.

Canelo Álvarez as a promoter?

«The most important thing is to focus on me and the fighters that he brings Eddy right now ”, revealed the Canelo in the interview with ESPN. “It’s not my job to be a promoter, but you never know. I love boxing to do it myself and be on top of the ring, but Eddy he loves boxing and is eager to be a promoter and we will see what happens, we have several years left and while we will support the boys who are with us and want to join.

Canelo Promotions is a company that both Alvarez as Reynoso They want to put them on the world boxing map, and the task may become a bit easier as they both have very good relationships with the “competition”; Top Rank, PBC, Showtime, Matchroom Boxing.

Teamwork with other companies

«We have a very good relationship with Eddie hearn, What is it Matchroom, with Al haymon from PBC, with Bob arum from Top Rank », explained Eddy reynoso, in his role as manager of the Canelo. “So we are open to work with any promoter who has a boxer where we can have a good fight.”

Working as a free agent will allow the ‘Canelo‘have much simpler agreements when it comes to getting the best fights economically and sportingly, and at this stage in the Mexican’s career, the goal is to face the best available.

“In this case, Hearn has to Callum smith, Billy joe saunders, Gennady Golovkin, “Eddy added. “On the other hand, Haymon has to Errol spence who also raised his hand, has David Benavidez. There are many boxers who are with different promoters and being free we can negotiate with any promoter and television station. I think that no promoter or broadcaster will be struggling to do business with a fighter like Canelo«.

Trilogy with Gennady Golovkin

The third fight with Gennady Golovkin will always be palpable in the future of Alvarez, and even the fighter and Eddy reynoso They revealed that they were in negotiations for a third fight with the Kazakh last spring.

«Before this whole issue of the pandemic began, we were in talks with Golovkin to have a fight this year, “they explained. “But unfortunately everything was canceled due to the pandemic.”

And the Canelo Alvarez said the only fight that Golovkin you are looking for is with him.

«We all know that the only fight you want Golovkin, to retreat to retreat later, is the fight against me », said the Canelo. But we have other objectives at the moment. First is Callum smith and we want to unify the titles at 168 pounds and continue to make history. We will do it. I will see about Golovkin later”.

The Libra for Libra dilemma

To the Canelo it is always linked to a debate, whose is the uni number of the Libra by Libra ranking. The Mexican is very clear about his position in this regard. And even the same Canelo, during the interview he pointed out that the medium that was interviewing him, ESPN, is the only one that does not have it in the first place.

“Those who know more about boxing consider me the best Libra for Libra and that is what is worth, and the truth is that I no longer have to prove anything,” said the Canelo. «I have always been demonstrating, and then in fights they say that with this desire and already you are; and then comes the other one, and I’m never happy with them. I’m not worried about that, I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I’m showing myself that I can have a great career and a great story. That’s what interests me: showing myself that I can be one of the best in boxing history.

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