Tremendous! Max Verstappen criticized the new Bahrain track: “It’s dangerous”

Max Verstappen

Max verstappen he is always very critical of the organizers of the great prizes. The Dutchman makes use of the mixture of his youth and the years in which he is in the highest category, to make his opinion known, without fear of reprisals. In the last hours, Verstappen was very critical of the new pattern that will be used this weekend at the Sakhir circuit.

The global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) made several tracks on the calendar Formula 1 are used again, in order to complete this year’s championship. That is why the Sakhir circuit made the decision to present an ‘oval’ design. Many drivers and fans were satisfied with the spectacle given in training. However, Verstappen indicated otherwise.

Track problems

Verstappen complained to the media as the circuit drawing presents many sectors unknown to the drivers. “It is difficult to find a level of balance on this track and we have not yet achieved it. Understeer, oversteer and traction are the main issues I saw. In addition, with such a short track, you have to pay attention to the temperature of the tires », warned the de Red Bull.

In addition, I add that although his times were not bad, he is very concerned about the performance of his tires. “We did not do so badly in the qualifying simulation, but we lost something and I think we can do better. But, like I said, keeping the tire temperatures under control will be a problem. Today I had to slow down to be able to do a decent second lap, ”he said annoyed.

Finally, he repeated his discomfort at the drawing and commented that situations experienced with traffic on the track border on dangerousness. “It is a new track for everyone and quite complicated, it is honestly not the most exciting one I have run on, it is narrow and very short, there is always a lot of traffic and you have to be very careful, in addition to keeping the radio open to get directions. In the second sector we have a series of blind curves that are also dangerous in certain situations, “he said.

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