Cadiz vs. Barcelona – Match Report – December 5, 2020

Cadiz vs.  Barcelona - Match Report - December 5, 2020

BARCELONA (Jordi Blanco, correspondent) – Barcelona left another piece, it will be seen if definitive, of the League in Cádiz, which won their first league match at home to demolish it 2-1. After three consecutive victories, showing against Dynamo, Osasuna and Ferencvaros an evident improvement in their game which was accompanied by solvent and exciting wins, Ronald Koeman’s team returned to their old ways, suffering a defeat as unthinkable as it is critical that it already leaves them off the hook, with only ten disputed dates, twelve points behind Atlético de Madrid.

A night to forget, a disastrous day that began with a bad defense in a corner, which was the first arrival of Cádiz to the Ter Stegen area, and ended with the Barça team, dressed in black, overturned in search of an impossible, after Jordi Alba and Lenglet joined forces to give Negredo half a goal, clever, quick and brilliant to score at the right moment, shortly after Jordi Alba’s draw and when it seemed that normality would grant Barça the comeback.

If Messi was looking for a double to match Pele’s all-time record of 643 goals, he was met with a major disappointment. Orderly, attentive and solvent behind, Cádiz closed all the spaces to an impotent Barça during the first half. Álvaro Cervera’s team took advantage of its only chance and from then on Barça’s continued prominence with the ball, translated into more than 80 percent possession, did not translate into a draw that would come after the break. A brief tie.


Without depth in the first half, the search for a football rebellion after the break did not offer better results to Barcelona. He improved with the entry of Pedri and based on patience, not brilliance, he ended up finding the tie before reaching the quarter of an hour, in a fortunate move because Alba’s center touched Alcalá’s foot just enough to mislead Ledesma.

The opportune moment was understood to turn the situation around, and yet it was the gateway to disaster. Two consecutive attacks by Barça that were thought to be the prelude to the comeback gave way to the vital play and who knows if it was decisive in the luck of the championship.

A criminal throw-in by Jordi Alba on his side towards Lenglet, in the area, the lack of attention by the Frenchman who did not know how to react when Negredo attacked him, the desperate side exit of Ter Stegen whose attempt to reject bounces off Negredo himself .. And the goal, great goal, from the veteran forward waiting for De Jong to cross the ground …

2-1. An improper image for a team aspiring to something in a League that contemplates the unbridled career of Atlético and that had a Saturday when Real Madrid, that team in crisis and that looks askance at Zidane, won in Seville to escape six points .

Much, too much, Barça will have to row in this League if it wants, with 28 games to go to the end of the championship, aspire to hunt down all the teams that escape it in the standings. There is no memory of an equally disappointing start to the League … And it was, once again, a night to forget, adding the fourth defeat in ten games, against a Cádiz that was already capable of defeating Real Madrid but had not managed to win not a home game since the season began.

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