Errol Spence, the best welterweight in the world, has not left; never left

Errol Spence, el mejor welter del mundo, no se ha ido; nunca se fue

Errol spence defeated with authority Danny Garcia by way of a unanimous decision, and with it, he also showed that his boxing faculties are intact after the serious car accident he suffered in October 2019.

The doubts surrounding Errol Spence

And is that, a year ago, on December 5, 2019, the outlook was bleak for Spence. It had been almost two months since the accident on October 10, and Errol spence did not appear in public. The condition in which he had remained was not known with certainty Spence, and around him, those close to him wove a deafening silence. The absence and silence fueled all kinds of speculation.

On December 13 of that 2019, Bob arum gave a statement that made the atmosphere even more rare. Said that Spence he wouldn’t fight in 2020, and that it would probably take him more than two years to do it again. Citing information allegedly reported by sources close to the fighter with knowledge of his condition, Errol spence I would not fight again in the medium term. «Let’s forget about Spence«, It finished Arum.

Finally, on December 21 of that year, he reappeared Errol spence in public. He was in the arena, and gave an interview during the broadcast of the fight between Jermell charlo Y Tony harrison. See to Spence it restored a sense of calm to the environment.

However, it was notorious that Spence the speech dragged, and that left some doubts that the fighter had been with sequels. Could he go back to being the same fighter as before?

In that interview, the only one who did not seem to have doubts was himself Spence. He was grateful to be alive and recognized that he was the materialization of a miracle. And besides, he intended to fight again in May or June 2020. He did not want a preparation fight, he said. Spence. He wanted, immediately, to face a lion. Asked Pacquiao or Danny Garcia.

After all, what can someone fear who saw death in the eye and returned to the living?

Then came the pandemic, and the world came to a halt. We all shift our attention to something else. Y Errol spence He enjoyed those extra months to get in shape, recover from his injuries, mostly to his teeth. He went back to training, and sparring. He began enlisting for a fight on December 5, 2020 against Danny Garcia.

Spence’s abilities are intact

On the ring Errol spence fought against Danny Garcia as if nothing had happened. As if his body had never come flying out of the iron of a Ferrari that was overturning at high speed.

Spence He showed reflexes, speed, boxing clarity. He dominated an experienced fighter, hardened and with solid technical bases as Danny Garcia.

And yet, despite its dominance, it was not an entirely dominant experience. And not for Danny Garciabut for himself. Spence was the most dangerous rival of Spence. Spence I was afraid of Spence.

He started the first slow round of hands, recovering sensations, recognizing the times and distances of boxing. In his eyes, in that first round, there was tension and some anguish, perhaps fearful that the old man Errol Spence, the one who was the best welterweight in the world a year earlier, might not appear in the ring that night.

But as the fight progressed Errol spence grew up with it. His boxing intelligence allowed him to read perfectly Danny Garcia. You could tell he had studied it. He practically tied him to Danny his left hand, in whose fist he has the knockout power of one of the best left hooks in the business. It was until the tenth round when Danny Garcia He was able to hit the first left hook of the night with clarity.

TO Danny Garcia, Errol spence He tied her left hand, and it resisted everything that entered with the other hand. In that line, Spence neither does it show any after-effects of the accident. He assimilated normally the best shots that a respectful puncher like Danny Garcia.

What if Errol spence could tie the strong hand to Danny Garcia, It’s because he kept his attention fixed the entire fight on never giving him the angle he Danny I was looking to put that hand. Danny He was nodding to his left to stay out of the Spence and finish it off with a left hook that Spence could not see. But Spence never took the bait, and Garcia he stayed on the bullet up the entire fight without ever being able to shoot it.

In that aspect, Errol spence it is also intact. His footwork, reflexes, and reactions are normal. In Spence there is no new normal: everything is the same as before. Dominoes Danny Garcia in all the lines of boxing as he used to do in his old normality and before all rivals.

Errol spence it has not gone; never left. The best welterweight in the world is whole, intact, imposing. And on the horizon, the possibility of one of the greatest fights boxing has to offer shines brighter than ever: Errol spence against Terence crawford.

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