Follow the legacy! Mick Schumacher is proclaimed champion of Formula 2

Follow the legacy!  Mick Schumacher is proclaimed champion of Formula 2

After an erratic race at the Sakhir Grand Prix, Mick schumacher has managed to become champion of the Formula 2. The son of the legendary, Michael Schumacher finished in 18th place in the race, but it was enough to win the title. Now he is preparing for his jump to Formula 1, where he already has an agreement with Haas.

Mick schumacher had a difficult race this December 6 in Qatar. The German (born in Switzerland) started with a very clear advantage for the title after taking the fastest lap. This left Callum Illot, aspiring to win the championship, in an extremely difficult situation to be able to snatch the title from him.


Everything started in a good way for Schumacher in the race this Sunday. The driver started second in Qatar, behind Dan Ticktum, but was extremely erratic under braking, having to make a couple of tire locks. The wear of the tires ended up conditioning the runner in the course of the race.

The forced passes through the pits led Mick to finish in the 18th seat. The damage to the tires left a tense race, as Illot had a chance of being champion if the German was out, finishing first, or second with a fast lap. However, the Briton slumped towards the end of the race, falling to ninth place.

Mick Schumacher champion

The champion of the Formula 2 He was very excited after completing the race, and regretted the tension that was generated by poor participation. Sounds good, but it would taste better if I had a good race today. Although we did enough to be champions and I owe it all to the team, they are an incredible group. I don’t even know what happened, I knew the wind would make the race difficult, but I got to Turn 4 and I went over braking, that’s the only truth. It compromised my race, I tried to hold out in front of Callum but I already understood that with that wheel I couldn’t finish the race. People will forget this race and we will remember the title, I guess I will too.

Formula 1

Little by little, Mick schumacher he begins to position himself as the great heir of Michael, and will begin his period in Formula 1 next year. The 21-year-old already has an agreement with the Haas team, which has a close relationship with Ferrari. Following in his father’s footsteps, he is called to be the next motorsport idol.

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