Pure emotion! Mick Schumacher burst into tears when he was champion of Formula 2 and remembered his father

Mick Schumacher

Mick schumacher champion of the Formula 2 in the morning of this Sunday. The German was able to overcome the driving errors he suffered at the Sakhir Grand Prix and saved the day. With the 18th place achieved and thanks to Callum ilott failed to take the victory, Mick took the title of the second category of world motorsport.

After the race, the son of the legend Michael Schumacher, could not help but remember the figure of his father. The seven-time World Champion continues with his recovery treatment, after having a skiing accident in the Swiss Alps in December 2013. The health of Mick’s father is one of the biggest unknowns in the motor and sports world .

Mick Schumacher got out of his team car PREMA (Champions of Formula 2 teams), and could not contain the tears. Next to her car she bent down holding her head, and wiping her tears. The image of her father came to her mind and that is why she burst into tears. In addition, after the race Schumacher spoke to the media and was happy for the achievement.

The Formula 2 champion assured that he had several problems in the race this Sunday, although he said that he no longer cares what happened on the track, but that the final result is important. “We are champions, and that’s what people will remember. They will forget that race and see the good of this season. And me too, “he commented with a laugh.

“I do not understand”

Finally, the next team driver Haas commented that he will miss his PREMA teammates. Furthermore, he added that he is still incredulous with his title. I’m in awe. I still don’t understand, or I still don’t feel like a champion. It may take me a few days. I am so grateful to work with these people, with whom I have been able to learn personally, I can say that they are all my friends. Basically, I love them. They are the best, “he said.

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