Special! Sergio Pérez won at Sakhir and moved everyone: “I waited 10 years!”

Sergio Pérez

The exciting career of Sakhir Grand Prize it will remain in memory for several years. The mistakes of Mercedes and the overwhelming victory of Sergio Perez, were the most spectacular moments of the season. However, there is a moment that will be kept forever in the memories of Mexicans and especially of the pilot of Racing point.

When the checkered flag fell, Sergio Pérez’s tears began to fall down his cheek. It is not for less. The Mexican is facing his last season in the Formula 1 (at least for now) and you can say goodbye in a big way to the most important circuits in the motor world. This day should bring many headaches for Red Bull, that you must make a decision as soon as possible.

Pérez’s emotion

Through the radio the emotion of Sergio Pérez could be heard after taking the victory. While the team congratulated him, the Mexican spoke through the communicator to his box. “Good job guys. Make sure that ‘Czech’ (your son) is watching the race “, said through tears the Racing Point driver, who shared the podium with his teammate, Lance Stroll. In addition, he moved everyone when they came to tears when he heard the anthem of his country.

Then, Pérez had to attend the media microphones that are in the paddock of the Sakhir circuit. While he was preparing to begin the interview with the Spanish media ‘Movistar Formula 1’, the Mexican driver received the most special call of the day, that of his son ‘Chequito’. Pérez did not hesitate for a second to answer the video call, and it caused great emotion.

Did you see Daddy? I love you, Gordo, we won! “Perez told his son on the edge of emotion. In addition, the winner commented that in the last moments of the test he constantly remembered his son. “In the last laps I just thought that my son is watching me, that my son is watching me, that he see me and remember a unique moment in my career, I waited 10 years to get there!”

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