With everything! Randy Costa will appear again at UFC 259: “I knocked out two guys”

With everything!  Randy Costa will appear again at UFC 259: "I knocked out two guys"

Randy costa, extraordinary American fighter from UFC, got off to a majestic start at the leading MMA company. Now, with the first step taken and an emotion that could take him to the top, he wants to take with caution every moment that he has to spend in his professional career. Nobody doubts that his beginnings are more than promising, but he tries not to go over situations that later take him to the canvas.

So, through hard daily work and learning movements that he doesn’t master, Randy seeks to continue that momentum. After being defeated in his debut in the UFCHe was able to lift his head and look very well ahead. His first fall was to Brandon davis, in April 2019, but knew how to recover with two consecutive knockouts. These came in the first round with Boston Salmon and, after a kick to the head, he left with a bonus of the night with Journey Newson.

Knowing this, Randy He began by saying, “I am a humble boy. I am a realistic guy. I know I don’t have much experience. I knocked out two guys, but I lost my debut, so I’m in a tough place. I think I’m in a very good place for my performances. I think I have a very fan-friendly style. I had the opportunity to sign a new contract with UFCSo this will be my first fight on the new contract.

Aim high

“I’m happy to know that UFC he sees some potential in me, he sees that there is something that can be cultivated in me. I hope they give me the push I feel, I feel like I have a style that I always wanted to see. I wanted to see someone go out and just be a gun shooter and drop bombs, and I think I have what they are looking for, “he also explained, making clear what he thinks in his best sporting moment.

To end with your words, Randy costa He also communicated the following: “I hope the UFC strengthen me and I will continue to do my job. I’m going to keep going out and knocking people out. That is what people like to see. That is what I like to do and that is what amuses me. Now, understanding how he should play his game, he prepares himself in the best way to appear again at UFC 259.

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