Return! Sean O’Malley again launched several controversies: “They caught him cheating”

Return!  Sean O'Malley again launched several controversies: "They caught him cheating"

The extraordinary American fighter, Sean O’Malley, it became controversial again in these hours and heats the climate in UFC. After leaving the Dana White’s Contender Series, he made a great start in the company and even got a good undefeated. That ended when he came across “Chito” Vera, with whom he lost by TKO and received harsh criticism on the networks. After injuring himself and losing because of it, he did not accept having left undefeated behind. Now, he aimed against other fighters.

At first, before the press, the American began by highlighting the following: “I was supposed to fight him on February 13, I didn’t say it, because I didn’t know. They offered me to Thomas almeida. He turned it down, said my right hand was too powerful or something like COVID or something like that, so he turned down the fight. Good decision on his part, it would have been an unpleasant KO.

“So we’re still looking, but that’s who he was planning to fight. I never announced it because it obviously wasn’t official and it’s not going to be official. That fight is not happening, I am still looking, but I plan to fight in February. How come they catch this guy cheating, stick a needle in his butt and then everyone says, ‘Oh, we respect him for coming out and admitting it,’ ”he added. O’Malley.

Nothing was saved

On the other hand, the highly flattered prospect Dana White made it clear that, for him, Thomas Almeida was not sincere: “What do you mean by admitting it? They caught him cheating. There is, oh, it could have come out of this, it could have been this, it could just as easily have been this, that or the other. Was it an outright cheat and are you giving him a title shot? But he was two years old. I do not know”.

«Dominick Cruz vs. Casey Kenney has just been announced. Casey Kenney is one of my friends that I trained with for a while in the lab. That is an interesting showdown. That’s another fight that I would have liked to have, it was Cruz, but that didn’t happen, but it’s okay. I am going to fight with someone and he will be ill, “he concluded. Sean O’Malley, who clearly wants to reset his moment and get a victory as soon as possible.

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