The path from Los Pumas to Tres Nations: the 10 facts for a historic tournament

The path from Los Pumas to Tres Nations: the 10 facts for a historic tournament

The Pumas finished a historic Three Nations when finishing in the second position of the contest, ahead of the Wallabies and behind the champions All Blacks.

The path to this fact began with the training of each player during the quarantines Obligatory in the different countries, since the members of the establishment had to practice in their houses.

After so much uncertainty, the second step of The Pumas towards the historic contest that they disputed in the Three nations occurred on September 11, 2020, the date on which it was made official that the Rugby Championship would be disputed in Australia.

Weeks later Mario Ledesma made official the list of those cited for what would be the contest between New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and South Africa, with the return of various figures such as Juan Imhoff, Facundo Isa and Santiago Cordero. A group from the squad arrived in Sydney on October 6, to continue with the preseason for the start of the contest, although they had to carry out the corresponding quarantine beforehand.

Days after the arrival of the Argentine team to Australia, the Springboks decided not to contest the championship, so it immediately transformed into the Three nations, as well as modified the number of encounters: from six to four for each team.

After so much waiting, the return to a match occurred: after what had been the last match of Los Pumas in the 2019 World Cup in Japan against the United States on October 8, The Argentine team faced Rugby Australia Selection last October 30, with a 19-15 victory, thanks to the tries of Joaquín Oviedo, Francisco Gorrissen and Santiago Carreras.



Carreras, Gorrissen and Oviedo were pleased to support the team’s achievements in the friendly against Rugby Australia Selection.

As if everything that happened in the previous weeks was not enough, November 3 was finally a key day for the Los Pumas season: players from Europe ended the quarantine they had to carry out when they arrived in Australia and the entire 45-member squad was able to train for the first time this year.

After a new friendly against Rugby Australia Selection, The debut for Los Pumas in the Tres Naciones arrived, nothing more and nothing less than before All Blacks. That November 13 became a historic day for the group led by Mario Ledesma, since for the first time in their history they defeated New Zealand, by beating them by 25 to 15 with a superlative level.



In his debut in the Three Nations 2020, the Argentine team defeated the All Blacks 25-15, generating everyone’s madness. This Saturday they will meet again.

On the second date, Argentina was on the brink of another triumph in the contest, this time against the Wallabies. In the match against the locals, The Pumas finally they equaled by 15 to 15, in a match that also meant a sample of what the selected one was for.



The Argentine national team recovered after losing and even came close to taking the victory against the Wallabies in Newcastle.

In the final days of the Australian tour, eThe Argentine national team lived a week more than complicated for all the events that occurred with Pablo Matera, Guido Petti and Santiago Socino. The team’s squad did not go through easy days before what was the last game against Australia, to say goodbye to the Three nations.



A review of everything that the Argentine national team had to live, who did not have easy days before the game against the Wallabies.

Precisely, in this duel The Pumas They tied again against the local cast, this time by 16 to 16, equality that determined that those commanded by Ledesma obtain a second historic place in the Three nations, behind the All Blacks, the Champions.



The Argentine national team grew through defense, achieved a good result and finished second in the 2020 Three Nations.

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