Awesome! This is Holly Holm’s viral training sessions in the UFC

Awesome!  This is Holly Holm's viral training sessions in the UFC

The renowned and historic American fighter from UFC, Holly holm, made a post on Instagram that drove his followers crazy. It comes from defeating Irene Aldana in Fight Island 4 in Abu Dhabi, an event that took place in “the island of fighting”, but focuses on what is coming. The blonde is always very active on social networks, where she shares her day to day. Now, he showed himself training hard to meet his goals.

«#Flexfriday has a basic training for you. Get it! 8 strict leg raises: sea lion walks down and back, 12 shoots… passes 4 times. If you don’t have something behind you in v ups, then try to stop each repetition », he began expressing in his post, explaining his exercises. Clearly these have given a great result in his physique.

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To close with his words, Holly advised his followers. And if you don’t have rods to shoot, use boxes, etc. and for walks with sea lions, use slides for furniture, “he remarked, trying to help those who do not comply with the accessories to copy his exercises. Without a doubt, in addition to being one of the most complete fighters, she is one of the ones that dedicates the most time to her body.

Holm’s wishes

For its part, Holly He stressed a few days ago: «I am going to continue working hard. That’s what I’ll do. I know that double champion Amanda Nunes has a lot to do with right now, with another fight already scheduled. Tough girls are coming. I feel like the 135-pound division is always pretty stacked so I’m not going to set my sights on something too harsh. I’m going to let the opportunity come and the next fight after the next fight.

“It felt good to just get in there and get a dominant performance and not something that’s too close. There are fights that I’ve had that are fights and some are in the clinch, and I’m kind of trying to put it all together and be a well-rounded fighter. I felt like I was capable of doing a lot of that tonight, but yes, I always want to do more, “he concluded. Holly holm, legendary American martial artist.

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