Friends forever! Morbidelli dedicated a few words to Valentino Rossi and moved everyone

Valentino Rossi.

Franco Morbidelli was one of the big surprises of the 2020 season of MotoGP. The Italian finished second in the championship and was narrowly unable to fight until the last date. However, he could not ‘promote’ to the official team of Yamaha and will stay one more year in the team Petronas, to share box with your mentor and friend, Valentino Rossi.

Rossi was one of the promoters of Franco Morbidelli’s sports career. According to ‘Morbido’, the multi-time MotoGP champion was one of those who was most present when it came to overcoming the duel of the death of his father. This is why Valentino is a very strong figure in the life of the World Runner-up. In addition, he is a member of the Urbino native pilot academy.

Not stop! Valentino Rossi is already preparing his next Challenge: «I can’t wait»

Morbidelli spoke to the page ‘MotoWeek’ and said heartfelt words to the figure of Valentino. In the interview, ‘Franky’ assured that it will not be easy to compete face to face against his friend and partner. «Valentino started my career in the championship. He’s the person I probably owe the most to in this world. It will be difficult because he is a great driver and he goes very fast ».

“Being able to beat your teammate is one of the top things a driver has on his to-do list. He is a great driver and very competitive, he is difficult to beat, “added the Italian. In 2021, Valentino Rossi can face his last season as a MotoGP rider, since he assured that depending on the results and the speed of his Yamaha he can make the decision in the middle of the season.

“Will not change”

Finally, Morbidelli assured that although they will be rivals, the friendship between the two will not change at all. “Surely, change our relationship a little because we will be dealing with much more time than we already are now. We will spend more time together, because we will have the same events. This kind of thing changes the relationship a bit. They strengthen it. I don’t think it puts our friendship at risk. It is something so profound that the fact of being colleagues is something that does not affect him, “he said.

Source: Yamaha Monster Energy

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