It still hurts! The day Fernando Alonso lost his third title in Abu Dhabi

Fernando Alonso

The Formula 1 go back to Abu Dhabi to close the complicated 2020 season. However, the memories of the Yas Marina circuit are not the happiest for Fernando Alonso. The Spanish faced the Grand Prix of that country in 2010 with great chances of obtaining the third championship of the category together with the team Ferrari. However, it could not be given.

In the last hours, the official Formula 1 YouTube account shared a video that had never been released: the radios of the race in Abu Dhabi in 2010. In this video you can see the tension that was experienced in the test and the hard work of the pilots and engineers who had to demonstrate everything they could do in an extreme situation.

I turned up the volume! Fernando Alonso shared a video that excites fans

Fernando Alonso faced the last race of the championship as leader of the drivers’ championship. Second was Mark Webber, just eight points apart. In third position came Sebastian Vettel, to 15 units, and finally Lewis Hamilton the last chance was at stake, 24 to the Spanish pilot who was the candidate.

However, the decisions of the Ferrari team buried Alonso’s chances of winning his third title. The Asturian entered the pits on lap 15, and no one expected this to be what would leave the then Italian team driver with no chance of being champion. As he left the pits he met Vitaly Petrov, to which he could not pass in the remainder of the race.

Phrases from the radio

The instant Alonso left behind the Renault of Petrov, from the radio they encouraged him to pass it, since they realized that they had made a serious mistake. «We know that you are giving everything, but it is critical that you pass it. I know you’re doing your best, “Andrea Stella told him over the radio. Until finally a phrase was produced that demonstrated the atmosphere of defeat at Ferrari: “Use all your talent, we know how great it is.” Finally Sebastian Vettel was the one who took the championship, by only four units.

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