Shakur Stevenson ensures that he would beat Lomachenko every round and easier than Teofimo

Shakur Stevenson asegura que le ganaría a Lomachenko todos los rounds y mas fácil que Teófimo

The former featherweight champion, Shakur stevenson is clear that he could beat Vasyl Lomachenko much more forceful and simpler than Teofimo Lopez.

“I think yes Lomachenko and I fought, I would defeat him better than Teofimo », said Shakur stevenson to the program Morning kombat. And I’m not saying against Theophimus, made a dominant fight. I feel like I would win every round Lomachenko). It would be difficult for him to win a round.

Shakur’s motivation is a plus in his career

Stevenson He is very confident in himself and aspires to go as far as possible in professional boxing. And see Teofimo Lopez give the surprise of the year by beating Lomachenko, has skyrocketed his motivation and wants to prove he’s made for great things.

“It motivated me more than anything to see him win,” he said. Shakur. «In fact, I am friends with Theophimus and he was proud of him. He dared to be cool at such a young age, and that motivated me and made me want to do more. I’m ready to go into big fights and show the world that I can do what he just did.

Stevenson (14-0, 8 KO’s) returns to action this Saturday night in ESPN, in a main event where he will be facing Toka Kahn Clary (28-2, 19 KO’s).

“I think they are really underestimating it. I think a lot of people don’t think he’s as good as he is, but I’ve seen him fight, I think he’s a solid fighter. He makes many mistakes but he also does many things well. But I think it’s going to be a great performance for me, I’m just going to come in to do my job. I don’t care how good it is, I don’t care what’s in front of me, I just know that I have to do a good job.

Nowadays Shakur He is a very worthy contender in the 130-pound division and the challenges in the same category are no less important than at the 135-pound division which is currently one of the most mentioned.

But nevertheless, Stevenson You are going step by step in your career and you want to reap successes and achievements at your current weight and then you can move up to the lightweight and impact the world.

Sweeping at 130 and 135 pounds is a fixed goal

“If I’m honest with you about who I would pick, I know that I am the mandatory challenger in the fight between Herring Y Frampton“, Explain Stevenson. «Afterwards, I would say that Miguel Berchelt He’s the big fighter and he’s the killer of the division. Lomachenko He’s great and all that, but he’s coming off a loss and I don’t think it’s very smart of him to challenge me or try to get into my weight class and say later that he only lost with Theophimus because it is too small for 135 pounds. I don’t think I’m too smart.

Shakur stevenson He has planted his flag at 130 pounds, but confesses that he would like to be at 135.

“130 pounds is my weight class,” he explains. Shakur Stevenson, «And I feel that if it comes (Lomachenko) here, you will get something you don’t want. I shouldn’t do that. I’ll give you fair warning that you shouldn’t do that. I wish I was at 135 pounds, that’s where all the good stuff is, and I wish I was there with some of the other young fighters, but 130 is my weight class. I have to take over the 130-pound class, and there are definitely some big names there too. “

For Shakur Stevenson, His story is just beginning and that is why he wants to take advantage of every opportunity he has on the ring to show that what he says goes hand in hand with his actions when fighting.

Toka khan He is the next opponent he must face in order to get better and more momentous fights next year, which is why he does not take any fight lightly, and on Saturday night he says that everyone will see what he is made of.

“Everyone always talks about my footwork, my skills, and they don’t understand that I have that dog inside of me. They don’t understand that. A lot of people just see me: great footwork, speed, great defense, but if I have to fight, I will fight. I am a fighter at heart. I am not soft at all. And if Toka Kahn comes in with something different, and he pushes me and takes something out of me, you will see it all.

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