Very hard! Valtteri Bottas made a strong self-criticism: «I could seem like a fool»

Valtteri Bottas

The weekend he lived Valtteri Bottas It was one of the worst of the year. The Finn had a great chance to show that he is capable of handling the pressure and to put aside the image of Lewis Hamilton. But nevertheless, George Russell gave him a driving lesson on the circuit, and put the future of the team in check Mercedes, which already opened the doors for Russell for 2022.

The Finn gave an interview to the ‘Race Fans’ site and made a strong self-criticism after being beaten, for most of the race this Sunday, by George Russell. Several British media have already started a campaign to ‘promote’ Russell to the Mercedes team. It should be noted that Mercedes is the team’s rider Williams, and many pilots go through this team before reaching the German structure.

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Bottas was very angry for those who came out to hit him after the poor performance in the race this Sunday. “It is always very easy for people to talk about the new kid having beaten a driver who has been in the team for many years, and that is not ideal. But people who know the performance of each one and are very clear about what they could have done under normal conditions, “he said.


On the other hand, Bottas commented that he hopes to take the victory in Abu Dhabi to secure second place in the championship. “Obviously it is better to be second than third, and I think the fairest thing for us is to be first and second in the championship with the car we have. This is not over yet, but it is not a priority in my head right now, I want to win the last race. The team has not given it any importance either, we just went to do the best job possible.

“It is a new weekend, and obviously, it is a much more normal circuit than the previous one. It will be easier to make a difference and I am looking forward to the last race of the year in Abu Dhabi, “Bottas said to finish. The Finn leads by only 16 points to Max verstappen in the Formula 1 season qualifier.

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