Can Junior dos Santos wants a new chance for the title: «My desire to be champion in UFC is»

Can  Junior dos Santos wants a new chance for the title: «My desire to be champion in UFC is»

The veteran of a thousand battles, Junior dos Santos, assured a few hours ago that he is not ready to withdraw from UFC and wants the title. The Brazilian was very clear and admitted that he is still ready to fight for the belt again in the leading Mixed Martial Arts company. Although his latest results are not with him, he believes that he can turn history quickly. Therefore, before the media, he left several interesting phrases and emphasized his wishes.

Knowing that you will have to do a perfect job to achieve it, two saints He explained at first: ‘I’m trying to move things forward. There is nothing I can do to change things in the past, but I can do a lot to change things for my future. The last results of my fights were not very good, they were actually very bad. But now I’m trying to make a difference, get a ‘W’ on Saturday and move on in my career.

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“We try to understand things that sometimes there is something wrong because the result was not there, it was not expected, but man I feel great. I was great in my last fights, and if you look at the fights, I was winning, so at some point I got caught and my opponents were victorious. I continue to work very hard in everything I do, even in my psychological part, but it is a hard sport, it is difficult to understand things, “also dictated the Brazilian.

Closing with his sayings, Junior dos Santos He stated, ‘The best thing I can do is work hard, is believe in myself because for me, man, I can see that everything is there. Maybe even better than in the past. My performance is there, the power is there, the resistance is there, my will to become a champion is there. I feel like everything is there. Of course, I will continue to do my best to turn things around and get back on my winning streak. “

His last fight

At UFC 252, after a shocking knockout by Jairzinho Rozenstruik to Junior dos Santos, the Brazilian left doubts for his future. The Las Vegas Apex started off with huge performances, but one of them stood out from the rest. Having the first lethal knockout in the hands of the aforementioned, the images were shocking and there was criticism in networks. Age is taking its toll on him and many think he should no longer be in Dana White’s company.

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