Marc Márquez’s health alarm: should he have surgery once again?

Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez it is the focus of attention in the last days of the motorcycling world. The Spanish driver underwent surgery for the third time for his shoulder injury, which did not allow him to compete in any race in the season.It is the first time in his career that he has finished the season without any points in the top flight classifier since his arrival in 2013.

Nothing can be worse for Marquez, at least for now. In the last hours, the Italian site ‘GPOne’ interviewed the Doctor Claudio Costa. Dr. Costa was the medical manager of MotoGP until 2014 and is an eminence in the recovery of the injuries of the pilots of the Motorcycle World Championship. According to Costa’s statements, there may be a fourth operation for Márquez.

Marc Márquez’s message after the operation: “We will make it!”


According to Costa, the next few days may be critical for Márquez’s future. «If there is an outbreak of Osteomyelitis, it can reproduce after a while. The bone is a part of the body with little blood supply and there is a risk that antibiotics will not have any effect. You have to have the courage to do everything possible and imaginable to give that bone a chance to heal permanently, “said the Doctor. Osteomyelitis is a long-standing infection that causes swelling.


In addition, Costa gave details of the steps that must be followed by the pilot’s medical team. Repsol Honda. “The plaque should be removed, use of external rod fixation and, if necessary, cut the humerus to definitively clean the area affected by the infection. It’s okay if the humerus is a little shorter, you don’t have to walk on it.

Finally, the doctor assures that the current treatment is essential for his recovery and hopes to see Márquez soon on the slopes in not long time. “We would have to go back to antibiotics and use a hyperbaric chamber, because oxygen plays a decisive role in these cases. You have to use everything that medicine puts in your hands. I hope that Márquez recovers soon, I am suffering a lot knowing what is happening. I have a lot of affection for him and I am not resigned to the fact that a rider of this level cannot race again.

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