Experts begin on the cell phones of those investigated for the death of Diego Maradona

Experts begin on the cell phones of those investigated for the death of Diego Maradona

Buenos Aires (EFE) – The Attorney General’s Office of San Isidro, in the province of Buenos Aires, began this Friday the expert opinions on cell phones seized from Diego Armando Maradona’s doctor, Leopoldo Luque, and his psychiatrist, Agustina Cosachov, in the framework of the case in which the death of the soccer idol is being investigated.

“Today we are in the day that we had been announcing and it is the moment in which cell phones are going to be opened to download all that information, through a program, to the computers of the Prosecutor’s Office and that they can have access to the data that the doctors had on their phones, “Cosachov’s lawyer, Vadim Mischanchuk, explained to the press at the doors of the Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the lawyer, with these tests “the permanent contact between the psychiatrist, the nursing group, some relatives and some close friends” of Maradona will be credited.

He stressed that “none of the doses prescribed by Dr. Cosachov could cause the death of any person,” and that we will have to wait for the toxicological tests that are being carried out to conclude to “determine in what dose or what medications” she was consuming. .

He also referred to the holding of medical meetings, in which what the medical records and testimonial statements say will be analyzed, although these will not occur until the toxicological and histopathological tests, the telephone expert reports are completed and more evidence is collected.

“The medical boards are a detailed analysis of what the medical records say, of what the testimonial statements say. With that the fact is reconstructed and in this way the forensic doctors, with the medical experts, in a medical board will do an opinion and they will comment on what was done, “he added.

Regarding the psychiatrist he defends, Mischanchuk said that he always acted with Maradona using “his best judgment.”

“From the mental review that a doctor can do about what was done with respect to a patient, I can tell you that he used his best medical judgment for this particular patient,” he concluded.

Maradona died on November 25 as a result of cardiac arrest at the home in the province of Buenos Aires in which he was recovering from a surgical intervention, and after death an investigation was launched for possible malpractice that, although for now there are no defendants, it is investigating the medical team responsible for the care of “10”, mainly Luque and Cosachov.

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