Marcelo Gallardo: “We interpreted the game very well, with patience”

Marcelo Gallardo: "We interpreted the game very well, with patience"

Marcelo Gallardo analyzed River’s 2-0 win National of Montevideo, by the first leg of the quarterfinals of the CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup.

Coach Millonario spoke at a conference and highlighted the patience his team had: “We knew it was going to be a game in which we were going to have to be very patient. It is always important to keep the goal at zero, especially in definitions of this type. It will allow us to have more spaces there. “

Regarding the VAR and its implementation, Gallardo clarified: “I do not like the cuts of the VAR. It cuts off agility to the game. For a team that tries to give agility to the game it is uncomfortable.”

In addition, they asked him about Gonzalo Montiel’s game and his decision to kick the penalty: “Montiel’s confidence does not surprise me. We have missed many penalties and I would not like that to affect the players’ spirits. Montiel will continue to kick penalties while be on the court. “

“Today we had three players in the field of creation and perhaps that did not work for us. In the second half the wear of Nacional was noticed, which gave us more space,” he added.

More statements at the River DT conference:

“We interpreted the game very well. In the first half we were not very comfortable, in the second half we found more spaces.”

“We needed a good aerial game in the direct shot and attention with the deflections with the interventions of Trezza, who was on the second play. We do not suffer behind ”.

“We need some players to raise the level a bit, we need it there, but we are fine. We are going to go to Uruguay with a good result. It will be tough, they will look for a goal to enter the game.”

“I liked River. If we measure the cup phase in which we are where so many details are given. The matches are going to be very closed. Nobody gives you anything. It will be like that. Although the team does not shine, we are patient because rivals also play. Nobody gives you anything. “

“The team does not look like I would like, but we are more patient. Some players need to turn on to see the River we want.”

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