Romain Grosjean

Romain grosjean suffered the most shocking accident of the last years of the Formula 1. The Frenchman hit the barrier at more than 200 kilometers per hour and was on fire for more than 25 seconds. However, the rescue work of the commissioners and doctors of the organization helped the consequences of the pilot of Haas they were not older.

Unfortunately, Grosjean did not make a miraculous recovery from the burns he suffered a few weeks ago at the Bahrain Grand Prix. This caused that his race in Formula 1 did not have the desired end. However, the team received him at the Sakhir and also in Yas Marina, to accompany his replacement, Pietro Fittipaldi, in the last tests of the season.

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This Tuesday, the Frenchman shared a series of images that impressed all the fans of the category. In his Instagram account, the state of his hands could be seen, which relate the hell he lived while trying to get out of the car, which was engulfed in flames. In the videos, it was possible to see how Grosjean waves his hands, as a sign that he had burned himself.


In addition to the images he shared, Grosjean gave an update on the recovery process he is taking. Fortunately, this treatment is paying off. «50% recovered. Damn it, it makes me so happy to have my right hand free of bandages. Lots of cream all day, but it feels good to see him in such good shape.
Hoping my left hand recovers now, ”said Grosjean.


A few days ago, the French driver commented on how he experienced the most shocking moment of his life from above the car. «The least pleasant moment was when my body began to relax. I’m at peace with myself and I think I’m going to die. I asked myself the question: is my shoe going to burn, or my foot or my hand? Is it going to be painful? Where are you going to start?

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